Transitioning from Fahrenheit to HOT-ROX

Down to my last few days of Fahrenheit For Women, ordered HOT-ROX. I’m addicted to the caffeine level as well as the yohimbine.
I get nasty migraines if I lower a stimulant level too fast. (If I drop a little every 4 days, I’m ok.)

Love the wonderful posts and advice everyone gives, so I’m seeking your assistance (particularly anyone who has bad reactions from less stimulant, like me - more is not a problem).

How did the rest of you go from Fahrenheit to HOT-ROX?

Did you take more HOT-ROX (sounds like it has a bit less caffeine, but that the ephedra is stronger. Did that cover the missing yohimbine?

I’ve ordered some yohimbine and plan to slowly ease my way out of the stuff, but I have no idea of the amount, so I have to guess. Has anyone else slowly removed their yohimbine addiction without adverse affect? How did you do it?

Please help.
Thanks ever so much!

First, HOT-ROX does not contain ephedra and yohimbe is not physically addicting.

We’d suggest you back off caffeine intake slowly and stop using all fat burners for a while. Try <a href=""target=“new”>Brain Candy Caffeine Free during this time to keep you mentally sharp.

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