Transition: V-Diet Lite?


If I have about 40 lbs to lose can I do the V-Diet for the full 6 weeks (v diet & transition) and then do V-Diet Lite until I reach my goal?

This is my third time doing V-Diet, my last time being in 2008 … a lot of things have changed. I’m really looking forward to my results this time. I had a baby last August, so I have a lot more weight to lose than I did my previous two times.

I lost 18 lbs previously with the V-Diet, do you think losing 20+ lbs during the 4 weeks is possible for a female?

Thanks in advance


For an experienced V-Dieter, yes, you can continue with the Transition phase as you please. I do that often actually; it’s just convenient sometimes. You may also want to look into the Pulse Fast plan and toss in a day of that once a week: <a href=""target=“new”>Pulse Fast

As for the scale weight question: try not to even think of numbers on a scale. For one thing, if you lost 5 pounds of fat but gained 5 pounds of metabolism-boosting muscle, you’d look very different, but the scale would show nothing and you’d probably be disappointed. So the scale is pretty meaningless. Think tape measurements and before & after pics.

Second, scale weight loss (assuming it can accurately measure real fat loss and not be thrown off by a number of factors, which is a huge assumption) is largely determined by how much you have to lose. A 250 pound person can lose 20 pounds much faster than a 145 pound person.

In short, it’s a wild guessing game and you shouldn’t play it. Instead just do your best and see what happens. Speed of fat loss is often determined by how strict the dieter chooses to be and how hard he or she works in the gym. So all you can do is do your best and work your hardest. The fat will come off as it comes off. No need to sit around and ponder it.


Thanks for your quick reply. It always amazes me that you answer questions so quickly.

I’m definitely doing the Vdiet lite after this. We have a vacation planned in July and I’m already thinking ahead and planning how I can do the lite version on vacation … And that’s a first for me. Usually my vacations are an excuse to eat like a mindless pig.

I totally get what you’re saying about the number on the scale. That’s why I have my ‘skinny’ pants that I’m going to try on every week in addition to my before pictures and measurements. It’s hard to let go of that magic number I want to see on the scale, but I’m trying!

Thanks again!


No problem. Please keep us posted!


Will do. I’m doing a diet log for the first time … V-Diet Post Pregnancy.