Transition Questions


Hi Chris

just getting to the end of the week 4, and had some good results. Hurt my back so been off training for a week but back on it next week hopefully.

Couple of questions -

  1. How should I do my HSM and shakes? - I was thinking of doing my week one as follows; Breakfast 2scoop shake, Lunch HSM, Dinner 2scoop shake. My week 2 transition I was thinking of Breakfast HSM, Lunch HSM, Dinner 2scoop shake. I have found that on my previous HSM days this is all I have needed and am really full otherwise?

  2. Should I aim for my HSM to be around 300-400kcal?

  3. Can I drink alcohol at all in the transition period?


  1. That’s fine. Many find that adding back in HSMs keeps them full a long time. But have another shake if needed.

  2. Ideally, we want to move away from thinking about calories and focus instead on healthy foods. You can’t just keep cals low all the time or metabolism will suffer. So, keep HSMs in control, but as long as they’re healthy, it’s no big deal. Ideally, drop all wheat though. the only pasta I now recommend is the kind made from 100% rice.

  3. Booze is always a set-back. Fat burning comes to a halt every time you have a drink.


Thanks thats really helpful