Transition Phase/Weight Loss

Hi Chris,

Today is day 11 of the V-Diet for my boyfriend and me (it’s so much easier doing it together… Accountability!)

I’ve lost 10.8 pounds and am fitting back into clothes I couldn’t wear 2 weeks ago, so I’m thrilled. The only thing I’ve been craving is kale (versus the crap I used to crave) and have found that I’ve needed to cut down a scoop during the day because I can’t finish my shakes otherwise.

Plus, with working out again (sadly, I had stopped) I have so much energy and am feeling super (and happy!!). And my bf and I are having fun working out together. Yay! Thanks.

Anyway, to the point… When we move to the transition phase of the program, will we need to re-order shakes or does the original order include enough for the 2-week transition? If so, What would we need to reorder?

My second question…my boyfriend is smaller than he’d like to be (I’m in this for slimming down, being strong/healthy, he’s in it to put some of the muscle back on he’s lost) and doesn’t have much fat but he’s been losing pounds as well. Are there any adjustments he should make to his V-Diet? We’re following the program to a T (aside from the scoop I’ve cut out per other posts).

Thanks for your help!

Congrats on your progress so far, Carly!

Kale craving: That’s one of the best benefits of the <a href=""target=“new”>Velocity Diet and contributes to the long term success: the “re-wiring” of the taste buds and loss of the old, unhealthy cravings.

The V-Diet package covers the intense first 4 weeks of the plan, sometimes with a little leftover, but not enough to do a full Transition. (Not everyone does the Transition phase for the full amount of time because they just don’t need it, so to keep the cost of the package down it only covers the main phase.)

There are many ways to do the Transition, but most people have 3-4 shakes per day, their Surge on lifting days, then a healthy solid meal at night (with all the kale you want). So the amounts of supplements needed can vary. Also, some like to do it for just a week, others for two. But the amount of servings is listed on the label so you can figure out the math that best works with your plan. Many just reorder the V-Diet package, knowing it’ll last much longer in the Transition phase. Things like Flameout and Superfood become lifelong staples for many since they’re so healthy. So, in short, it’s up to you.

Looks like the discount coupon is still active as I write this, so be sure to use “15vip” at checkout to save a bunch.

As for your boyfriend, once someone has lost all the fat they need to, it’s much easier to gain lean muscle. He’ll need a few hundred calories more than what’s “maintenance” for him. And we’d suggest using <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma for his workouts, our most “hardcore” workout nutrition drink. He may also want to checkout the Reactive Pump training plan:

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