Transition Phase Shakes and Supplements

Are they included in the initial package or are they something we have to buy prior to finishing the 28 day program? If we have to buy more, how do we calculate how much we need to buy?

The package is just for the 4 week strict phase since many choose not to the Transition or a shorter version of it (like 1 week.) Since you’re having a solid healthy meal every day during the Transition, you won’t need extra flax, fiber, Superfood, or fish oil (though Flameout and Superfood are healthy things to take daily regardless of diet plan or physique goal.) Just make sure your daily HSM contains veggies, healthy fats etc. So basically you just go to the store here on the site and order what you need. You can view the labels and servings per container there too and run the math depending on how long of a transition phase you want to do.

I was wondering the same thing. If we do transition and want to keep Flameout and Superfood in our diet. Should we take both in the same amounts (twice a day for superfood and 5 x a day for Flameout) as a part of the shakes and HSMs?

Also I’m assuming NEPA is done every day during all six weeks, including the weekends when we do the V-Burn Chsllenges?

Thanks for your fast responses Chris!

Once you’re in transition phase, just follow label directions on Superfood and Flameout. Timing isn’t that important; just take them daily. I just take 4 capsules of Flameout every night with dinner. Superfood can be added to any shake.

NEPA is always a good idea if the goal is still fat loss. It can’t interfere with muscle gains if kept as NEPA (a brisk walk) and not cardio, and you can never really overdo it. But since you’re adding an HSM per day and probably some extra healthy calories (which is fine) then you can also do short conditioning sessions.

My guidelines for that are at the bottom of this article:

Thanks Chris. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I’m about a week in and I like to plan ahead, so I wanted to make sure that I set myself up for success.

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