Transition Phase/Post V-Diet Supps

Hey Chris,

Sorry if I come off as repetitive on this. I’m just kinda gettin into the swing of things.

I am in the middle of my second week of my first V-Diet. So far, so good. Have not missed a workout (Doing MWF). Have been doing NEPA walks at least 30 minutes a day at a pace of at least 4 mph. Went to my team’s first rugby practice last night and downed a Surge drink during/after practice. Practice is Tuesday Thursday (my non-workout days).

Should I continue to drink Surge during practice? Is that too much? I can cut it out if need be, just wanna get leaner and keep muscle mass.

Also, after the 4th week. What supplements would you recommend to take during the Transition Phase, and in general after the V-Diet. I am planning on continuing Superfood & Flameout. Considering going into Indigo 3G, possibly Ananconda and/or MAG-10 instead of Metabolic Drive?

I play in a rock n roll band and will go on tour in March, so training may be a bit spotty (compared to when I’m in town) given the fact that I will be working out in hotel rooms, gyms that I can find in the towns I’m in, etc.

Thanks for your help,


If the practice is intense, the workout drink is fine. One scoop may do the trick. Surge Workout Fuel is better for during sports and practices if you have that version as well.

I can’t recommend Indigo-3G highly enough. It has allowed me to eat plenty of carbs again without getting fat which has helped me gain about 16 pounds of muscle in a year. I could never do that before because the extra carbs and cals needed for optimal muscle gains just made be gain fat.

The Plazma/Indigo package would be my first suggestion, or Indigo and Anaconda. Take care of those two things and you’re really covered. Anything else is just a bonus. Like Metabolic Drive and Flameout would be handy for your tour when eating clean meals is probably an ordeal.

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