Transition Phase Maintaining Weight

Hi Chris,

Ive just finished my 28 days and am keen to keep my weight where its at now but would still like to get leaner due to my sports physical nature i would not like to be playing any lighter, would you change anything from the traditional transition phase? Im hoping to keep to 1 HSM a day this week and 2 HSM next week. I am gluten and wheat free now and just cut milk also during the V-Diet and dont intend on returning to it.

Many thanks.

Good step dropping wheat and milk for good! That’ll make staying lean much easier in the future.

So, basically you want to lose more fat but stay the same weight. That means muscle gain to match the fat loss. Fat loss is faster than muscle gain generally speaking, and natural water and glycogen fluctuations can make that hard to judge in the short term. I say this: if you have more excess body fat to lose, then lose it and forget the scale weight. There is no better performance enhancer than fat loss, if you have enough to lose.

I mean, let’s say you had 8 pounds of excess fat to lose. Why keep it just to stay the same weight on a scale? What’s it doing for you? The muscle gains will come with more training and proper eating and the right supplements. They may not come as fast as fat loss, but they’ll come.

Generally though, you need a small surplus of calories to optimally build muscle, roughly 800 over maintenance. Then you have to train hard enough to shuttle them toward muscle gains. Best way to do that is with the use of Indigo-3G, which will allow fat loss and muscle gain at the same time, or faster muscle gains without added body fat. That’s what I always suggest for V-Dieters once they complete the plan. If you’d rather do a shorter transition phase, go for it, then focus on muscle gains without added fat gain. Muscle gains always lead to fat loss anyway as metabolism is ramped up, as long as eating is kept under control with a surplus of cals but not too many.

Thanks for the quick reply, greatly appreciated.

I was planning on doing the WS4SBs program starting next week (2 HSM a week!). I think you are right about forgetting about the scale and I do have more fat to lose!

I am also planning on ordering Indigo-3G from, ive been getting my supplies for the V-Diet thru them. I see people who buy Indigo-3G get access to the programs in the US, do you know if this applies if we buy via the UK website?

Thanks again.

I don’t believe it does, sorry. But maybe with the auto-ship program it can even out if you order from here. Indigo-3G is about $27 cheaper per bottle then. Info here:

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