Transition Period Questions


Chris, I had a pair of questions about the transition period.

  1. Given that there’s a meal each day with (presumably) veggies and healthy fats, are the milled flax seeds and peanut butter still part of the program?

  2. On the workout program, there’s only a progression chart for the first 4 weeks. The rest periods appear to reset to 45 seconds for week 1 of the transition. Do they continue at 45 seconds in week 2, or are they supposed to drop to 40 seconds?

Also, this isn’t a question at all, but I’ve seen a lot of posts asking about the Surge Recovery after the V-Burn. Your explanation in the forums makes total sense, but when I read through the program myself, it wasn’t obvious to me either that the Surge didn’t follow the V-burn (I believe the two types of days are labeled “workout” and “non-workout” rather than “weightlifting” and “non-weightlifting”, and I didn’t see any weekly calorie totals to cross check or any mention that it’s only 3 Surge shakes per week). It might be worthwhile to make it more explicit in the program writeup.

  1. No, you don’t have to use those during Transition.

  2. Drop them if you can. It’s always a good idea to try to improve there.


Thanks Chris. I’ll definitely go with the time decrease.