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I’m getting close to transition period (4 more days) and I’ve been looking around but the information in stickies about transitioning isn’t as complete as that for when you’re on the diet. To my mind there are two or three transition periods depending on how you look at it.

There is the first week of transitioning into one HSM a day. I could see how some people might almost feel guilty eating food at this stage and be really worried about gaining weight. So I guess it’s important to set realistic expectations for this week. Personally I think I lost 0.5kg or at least stayed the same weight, then again I did start taking creatine at low dose … it’ll be interesting to see how things go this time.

Then there is the 2nd week of adding another HSM a day (bringing it to 2 a day) and again I think people are going to freak and think their going to gain weight etc. Personally I lost quite a bit more than I expected to as I was still expecting the creatine to affect my losses.

Then there is adjusting to normal eating and how to get your calories up to a maintenance level or to a decent loss level while eating 3-4 solid meals a day. How slowly you can increase calories and carbs and so on.

I think it might make another nice sticky ?

Until then here are my findings from the last time I did it and from what I’ve read of other peoples experiences.

First week, HSM should comprise a source of lean protein, I tended to choose egg and egg white, or chicken breast or kangaroo typically about 30-40g of protein and then made up to about 300 calories with fibrous veges such as brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, lettuce, and other stuff such as tomatoes etc. Basically the calories for this meal were between 300 and 400 calories. I kept my carbs under 100g/day including fibre whether I was working out or not. That meant usually salad the workout days as my PWO meal was about 50-70g carbs.

Second week my HSM was basically adding another of the same HSM as above and kept my carbs between 100 and 150g/day including fibre which was between 25 and 30g a day. Same as before carbs were same whether I was working out or not.

After the transition period I then added 300 calories a day which I made up with fats and carbs. On my workout days I would increase fat by about 35g to add 300calories and I would keep my carbs under 100g net (40g fibre + 100g other carbs) whether I worked out or not and this gave me good progress (about 1kg/wk).

I never reached the final stage of bringing my calories back up to maintenance or a lean bulk level. From what I read though I think the suggestion was to add 250cal/day each week with a decent PCF ratio and just see what happened.

That’s what I did, so that’s what worked for me and I don’t know if it was the right thing to do. I’d be interested to see what the actual guidelines are or other peoples’ suggestions.


There’s a guide in the V-Diet start here sticky. Here’s what I have been doing the first week off the diet:

5 scoops protein
10 tbsp flax meal
2 tbsp almond butter
4 hrx
4 Flameout
Various blood sugar lowering herbs and vitamins (bitter melon, gymnema, r-ala, fenugreek, cinnamon tabs, vitamin e, chromium picolinate)

1st meal (day 1): small filet mignon, 3 very thin sliced chicken breasts, 1lb broccoli, 1 cup blackberries, big bowl of lettuce peppers mushrooms

HSM #2 (day 2): big filet mignon, 2 thin sliced chicken breasts, 3 cups green beans, 1.5 cups broccoli, 1 medium grapefruit

HSM#3 (day 3): 3 tiny chicken breasts, 1 lb broccoli, huge bowl of spinach, 1 large apple.

I season stuff with mrs dash various spices, 1g carb heinz and a little bit of walden farms dressing.

I say keep the meals large just avoid calorically dense foods for the first 2 weeks off. And eat your damn fruit!

Transition Guide here:

But maybe having its own stickied thread is a good idea.

Damn, I actually missed that. Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Makes me feel less like I’m in unknown waters now :slight_smile:

A man that weighs 253 pounds and has a triglyceride level of 493 should or should not be on the V-Diet?

493?! Wtf?

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