Training without Plazma


I’m on Plazma since about January, and I can certainly say it makes a big difference on recovery. There’s no soreness the next morning and progress seems constant and quick. I would never go back to the dark ages before Plazma.

My next shipment is on the way and I’m out of Plazma for tomorrow’s W-O, what should I do? Drink MAG-10? I tryed it before, it’s not the same but it’s better than nothing. Or skip the workout?

If you have Finibars, have 2 of those before training.

Alternatively, you could either have
a) MAG-10 plus rice about an hour pre-training, then MAG-10 during
b) Meal with carbs and just enough fat to prevent a carb crash about 90-120 minutes pre-training, then MAG-10 during. This is similar to what I did today - I was doing mostly a technical workout, although with some moderately heavy work, so I had hydro whey + carbs an hour before (I’d have a Finibar here if I had one available), 1 serving MAG-10 10 minutes before training, 1 serving during.


Thank you I’ll try that

I still have enough Finibars for an army, but I don’t remember to use them.

Finibar before training, and MAG-10 during and after will get you though, then a solid meal with some carbs post, or another Finibar. Not as perfect as Plazma, but we don’t want you to skip workouts entirely just because you’re out right now. Maybe back down the volume a smidge if needed.

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