Training Without Fluids (Ramadan)

Here in Kuwait, Ramadan is due to start in the 2nd week of July. Sadly, it means that when I train it will be illegal (as in, get thrown into jail until Ramadan is over) to drink any fluids at all when I train.

This means no Anaconda during my workout, nor even any water. I can do what I like behind closed doors before and after my workout.

What would you suggest for the best peri-workout nutrition in this situation? Thanks!

I would make sure to pre-load a full serving or two of Anaconda + 1 Liter of water about 30 minutes pre-workout.

Ideally you’re going to want to make sure you stay very hydrated during the night ( I believe you can drink when the sun goes down, right? ) so that the next day you are still hydrated as much as possible.

It might be a good time to ramp up training volume prior to Ramadan and then tone the volume down a bit during so that you can hopefully over compensate some. Im sure it’s hotter than hell even with the AC on in Kuwait.

–Stay Thirsty, no wait that’s not the correct one… stay frosty

Corstijeir has some good advice.

We’d suggest pre-loading with your workout drink and ramping up the amount of water. After training, when permissible, have another serving of your workout drink.

That should do the trick. But this could also be a good time for some “back-off” training, just bringing down the volume a bit or using some sessions to practice movements.

Great, thanks guys!

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