Training Toys

Hey guys…

I was curious is anyone’s used the Body Bug? I’m on the V-Diet now, so I know relatively my body’s intake vs. output, but I’m a geek, and an engineer so I like toys and data.

Just wondering if anyone’s had fun with it, or knows anything about it’s accuracy? I’m also reading about a new product coming to market in August 2009 called Fit Bit. It’s more like an extreme pedometer but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper.

Also, I bought the iPhone App GymGoal. It’s seems pretty cool. The timer on it sucks and the “Routine” section is a bit confusing and cumbersome, but it really works well for measurements. Once it’s set up I give it 3.5 stars. Has anyone else run into different apps that work good?

I have a HR monitor, and couldn’t justify the cost of a bodybug . . . let me know what it does outside of a normal HR monitor.

I use FitTimer on my iphone. I can just tap anywhere on the screen to start the stretch (rest) timer, then when that goes off, it counts up on your exercise.

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