Training Time?

Chris, Due to my schedule, training must take place first thing in the AM. Thinking of using 1/2 serving of Surge pre and during workout. NEPA post training or later in evening. Any issues you might foresee. Thanks in advance.

I assume you’re on the V-Diet here, so yes, that would work for early AM training. You really don’t want to lift weights fasted, and if you don’t have time for a breakfast Metabolic Drive then having half the Surge Recovery just before training and the other half during or after is the best plan.

Yes, sorry, just starting. Do not think I can get full shake in as we are talking very early. thanks for the quick response.

It depends on your schedule really. You don’t want to lose sleep just to get up early enough for a pre-training shake, but if you hit the sack earlier and get the same amount of sleep that would work. Most people get a better training effect if they have a full “meal” in them first. If there’s a way to wake up, have a shake, then train an hour or two later, that would be great. If not, then it’s fine to use the Surge just before and during training.

OK. Will see what I can do. Thanks again.

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