Training/Supplement Plan for a Beginner Middle Aged Man

Hi, I’m Kris from Japan (I’m not japanese).I’m 34yrs old, around 5’7" weighing around 200lbs.
I have a typical Dad-Bod or let’s just say “skinny fat”
I’ve decided to start my journey on a more healthier lifestyle, but have little to no
idea on how to plan my training and supplements.

I’m seeking advice on what workout and nutritional plan should i follow.
My normal everyday routine is: waking up 10mins before 6am, start at my job around 7am and
will be done by 7 or 8pm, going to bed at 11pm earliest. Sunday will be my only rest day of the week.
Take note that i have a very exhausting job (manufacturing of car parts) that includes standing for a long period and constantly moving and lifting heavy parts and materials.

I have already made a simple plan of my own basing on what i’ve red and seen on forums and other pages. Need a constructive criticism on this for improvement.

TRAINING: (suggestions on what exercises on every part will be appreciated)
*home based, i have no access to gyms.
*will train after work -around 8pm
*at least 60~90mins duration
*equipments available: dumbbells, barbell, reclining bench, pullup bar, ab wheel

DAY 1 (Legs, Back, Core, Biceps)

DAY 2 (Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Traps)

DAY 3 (Conditioning/Cardio, Rest)
-Loaded Carries (Farmer’s walk)
-HIIT treadmill or Basketball(solo)

DAY 4 (Legs, Back, Core, Biceps)

DAY 5 (Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Traps)

DAY 6 (Conditioning/Cardio, Rest)
-Loaded Carries (Farmer’s walk)
-HIIT treadmill or Basketball(solo)


*time is just an estimate. can vary from day to day.
*willing to add or remove a supplement if needed.
_ planning to add Finibar, Z12, ZMA and carbolin19 in the future_

My current available stack:
Metabolic Drive
Micro PA
Brain Candy
Alpha Male

6:00 : 1/2 bottle Brain Candy
2 tablets Alpha Male

6:15 : (Breakfast) 2~4 Eggs, bacon, Oatmeal or rice
1 serving Metabolic Drive

7:00 : workplace arrival
Black Coffee, banana

10:00 : 1 serving Mag-10
(Snack)1 whole apple

11:30 : 1 serving Metabolic Drive

12:10 : (Lunch)Typical Japanese bento/lunchbox
slice of pineapple as dessert and to satisfy my sweet tooth :smile:

14:00 : 1/2 bottle Brain Candy
2 tablets Alpha Male

15:30 : 1/2 serving Mag-10
(Snack) 2 boiled eggs, half slice boiled sweet potato

17:30 : 1/2 serving Mag-10
(Snack) Banana, Almonds

19:00 : depart from work
6 capsules indigo-3g
6 capsules Micro-PA

19:40 : (pre-wo) 1 serving Plazma

20:00 : (start training)
(peri-wo) 1~2 serving Plazma

21:10 : (post-wo) 1 serving Mag-10

21:40 : (Dinner) whatever my wife serve me or else… :confused:
4 capsules Flameout

22:30 : pre-bed protein 1 serving Metabolic Drive w/ 1scoop(5g) creatine
cup of hot japanese green tea

Any feedback and recommendations on my plan? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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