Training Questions: Weight Used, Planks, Rest

Couple Quick Q&A’s I couldn’t see an answer for…

With the workouts the goal is to find a weight you can hit the suggested RM at and then ensure you hit the targeted total reps. I get that.

With the plank, am I supposed to hold the plank for as long as I can, for the intended rep count as well? In other words hold the plank as long as possible 40 times?

What is the prescribed rest period between circuits on the V-Burn challenge, is it just as fast as you can complete the entire thing so pace yourself accordingly, or do I give it the prescribed amount of rest time I give to other workout sets for the week?

The highest dumbbell weight in our gym is 125lbs. I’m sure I’ll be able to do that more than 8-9 times for the prescribed 8-9RM on the beginner workout. Can I substitute in the front squat from the Intermediate workout? Or is there a modification I should be aware of?

  1. Actually, the first set is the only set you should hit the targeted RM. Maybe the second. If you can do all the sets with the same number of reps, either you’re resting too long or you started to light. See examples in ebook.

  2. You do NOT do 40 planks. One set for time each round.

Yea sorry, I meant to say you do as many sets as it takes to hit the total number of reps in the set.

What about rest time between the V-Burn challenge?

And possible alternatives to the single dumbbell squat?

  1. The goal with the V-Burn is to complete the recommended number of circuits in less time each week. so you rest as needed with that goal in mind.

  2. Yes, most exercise substitutions are fine. It’s mainly about the rest periods and overall movement patterns.

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