Training on Empty Stomach?


Hi Chris I see a lot of controversy about this subject, some days I get up and do my weight training in the morning, am I supposed to do this on an empty stomach or should I have a shake first?

Also what about the V-burn challenge and the Nepa best on empty stomach or not? I need all the help I can get when it comes to losing fat my body plateaus so easily.

One more question I was thinking about adding more BCAA’s is this a good idea or not necessary at this point, and if I do when is the right timing for these, it seems I read something different everywhere I look.
Thanks Chris


All great questions!

  1. Weight training on an empty stomach is generally believed to be not a good thing. Or rather, lifting in a totally fasted state – like in the morning. If on the V-Diet and wanting to train in the AM, have at least a scoop of Metabolic Drive first, then sip your Surge Recovery during (use the same amount, but split it - half during workout, half after.)

  2. Now, with cardio or NEPA walks, many believe that fasted state cardio leads to faster fat loss, so they’ll purposefully do it in the AM. Some add some BCAAs beforehand to prevent any potential muscle loss. Here’s an article about that:

You probably don’t need extra BCAAs on the V-Diet however, because there’s no real “cardio” component, except for the V-Burn.


Thank you Chris I love love love this article it answers the question I’ve had for the past 5 years, I’ve wasted alot of muscle tissue in the past, but now while on the v-diet is there any way to incorporate this article, it’s funny for my Nepa I was doing just what Lowry was doing in the article I boosted my incline on the treadmill and am walking at a good pace. I’m nearing the end of my 3rd week and very concerned about having no changes this week at all…

so my question is if I switch to doing my Nepa incline walks in the fasted am like Lowry did do I need those certain supplements like the MAG-10 and caffeine pills for it to work because then that steers a little ways away from the V-Diet.

I am very very desperate to move this fat but I know my body and how quickly it adapts I don’t think I’m going to see any changes this week so I’m just trying to prepare to make adjustments, if I need to, in the past I used to lift weights and run hard for an hour to try to moves lbs off and I would always get smaller a little toner (wasted muscle tissue obviously) but never rock solid it was alot of work and a waist of time to me because I never got where I wanted to go and did it for 4 years! I am capable and more than willing to put in the time if it will work. What do you think?

Thank you so much for your advice!


Can you handle HOT-ROX on an empty stomach? If so, do that before fasted AM NEPA walks on the treadmill instead of caffeine. That would work even better.

The MAG-10 probably isn’t necessary if you’re still doing the V-Diet. If not, then sure, it’s a great addition to fasted cardio, Lowery style.

If you would like to add BCAAs but not any additional drinks or calories, you can use capsules, like this: