Training, Not Hoping!

after #2

before #3

after #3

had really good results with my abs…they feel sooo much better!



last one! remember I’m 38 with 3 kids :slight_smile:

Day 28…HSM day and the last day of V diet!!! Now…on to transition…the journey continues…i have more work to do and will post photos after transition…
i will post measurements later…pictures speak louder to me than those anyway… :slight_smile:
height 5’1"
weight lost 7.5 lbs…

I want to take a moment and say thanks to everybody and Chris for this incredible program…it has transformed more than just me physically…my diet and mind have been improved, no doubt!!!

To all of you that struggle along the way…DO NOT GIVE UP!!!

[quote]chandlerinmn wrote:
last one! remember I’m 38 with 3 kids :slight_smile:

WOW…you look great!

One correction though…you are a HOTT 38yr old mom w/3 kids! :slight_smile:

Great job…keep us posted on the transition.

your transformation is incredible you look GREAT…looking forward to the transition photos as well…i’m glad i started this V-Diet (can’t wait for the 28 days to be up…only 27 more to go haha)

seeing the before/afters really help out a lot

wow, you are smokin hot. Great job!!

Amazing transformation! Look at the abs!! Congratulations on completing the program so successfully.

Thanks to all of you that have commented…it really helps when people offer encouragement and support. I have to tell you that I believe that support is what makes things like this successful for me…my trainer, my best friend has been there when noone else was…he’s the only one along the way that really supported me…others think i’m nuts i think…they simply don’t understand…

those of you doing this or anything else thats a challenge, have a good support system…if thats this website then say so…if you have needs along the way, speak up…i know that it makes a difference when you have others routing for you in your corner…it did for me anyway…keep up the encouraging everyone…for everytime i post once to mine i try to post to 2 others to root them on…i know it must help…at least i hope!!! all have a great night!!!

I can’t tell you how proud of you I am… I’m glad I was able to ride along you on this journey of yours. You are just getting started and I know you will get better and achieve this goal. You inspire me. TE AMO!!!

Wow! Amazing job! You look fantastic (not that you looked that bad before :-))

Got the measurements done today!!! yippie!!!

start finish
Body fat 20%(calliper) 14.8%
Forearm 8.5" 8.0"
Upper arm 10.25" 10.0"
wrist 5.5" 5.5"
chest 34.0" 32.0"
abdomen 27.0" 25.0"
hips 35.5" 34.0"
thigh 18.75" 19.0"
calf 13.25" 13.25"
ankle 7.75" 7.75"

Total inches lost = 6.0 inches
Total weight lost = 7.5 lbs
Total body fat % lost = 5.2%

shooting for 12% on bodt fat!!! we’ll see!!! On with transition!!!

I read this thread last night. You reminded me why I need to grit through it. Your optimism and encouragement are contagious. I hope you’re results are too! lol :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! More than you may know.

Day one of transition…workout this am…went good…
still 2 days and 1 challenge day left on V-Diet workout then to transition workout…

reverse lunge - 5 sets of 8 @ 65 lbs
bent over rows - 5 sets of 8 @ 65 lbs
push press - 3 sets of 8 @ 60lbs then 2 sets of 8 at 55 (dang!!!, my mind wanted it but my body resisited!!!)
barbell curl - 1 set of 8 @ 40lbs then 4 sets of 8 @ 30 lbs(i’m gonna get this at 40!!!)
then ab work 5 sets of 8 at 60 lbs…rope pully thing behind my haed bend over deal!!! hahah…felt good! (west side style-thanks for the spotting today babe!!!)

off to walk and then back to work tonite for the next 5 nights 12 hr shifts…ughhh…

stay at it everyone!!!

Wow you looked great before and look even better now…

I hope that I get half the results you did during my 28 days…

Again great job


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