Training for SFG I and Thinking about V-Diet


I am training for SFG I trainers cert in Sept this year. I currently have a coach and workout 6days a week with a 30min session in the morning and 15-25min in the evening after work. I work 6-7days a week around 60-70 hrs a week. Currently I weigh 200 and I am 5’8".

I am really considering doing the V-Diet to help me drop about 30+ lbs of body fat so that I can actually look like the effort I put in is paying off. I know that some of the weight stay is my unhealthy diet since cooking meals has been a challenge and eating out does not help. My worry is since I would not be following the V-Diet workout regime, and the hours I work plus the amount I work out that I could possible cause muscle loss or enhance normal fatigue. I have read the program a couple of times but I am not sure how to adjust it for what I do in my life and still get a good benefit out of the program.

Any advice would be awesome, since normal dieting has not really had any impact.