Training for Figure Competition, Brand New


Hi All,

I’ve been reading T-Nation for a couple years now, and I have been training for a figure competition, but never get to where I feel I need to be, image-wise.

Height: 5’4
Weight: 129-130
BF% : 18-20%

I plan on starting the V-Diet in 2 weeks when I return from Speing break, and posting photos along the way. Are there any figure girls who have done the V-Diet and encourage it? Also, My worst problem is…CELLULITE, now I don’t have much, but I am nervous to compete because I do have a little amount below my butt, on the upper part of my hamstrings and abductors.

Where can this diet get me in terms of body fat, what would be a good recommended workout plan, tailored to my needs as a figure competitor, and last but not least, will this diminish my cellulite?


From the Ask Chris thread:

  1. Yes. Scan the archives and you’ll find a few.

  2. Cellulite, many believe, is genetic and can only be reduced, but never “removed.”

  3. Where can the diet get you? Not sure. Crystal ball remains in the shop. It will give you what you put into it. That’s the generic answer.

  4. Workout: Do the workout as written.

Finally, remember that this diet is 28 days long. Most figure prep times are more like three months. So use the V-Diet, followed to the T, to kick-start your plan, then do whatever you need to prepare for the show.



My personal opinion as a figure competitor is that this is an AMAZING diet, HOWEVER I probably wouldn’t use it in the 4 weeks just before a competition. I lost a huge % of my body fat and gained 2 lbs of lean muscle, and while I looked and felt GREAT on day 28, I was MUCH to “flat” for stage in my opinion.

On the other hand, I think that the V-Diet would be a great tool to use about 8 weeks out. You could do the 4 week V-Diet, a two week modified transition w/ competition-prep type foods, and then do the required fine-tuning in the final two weeks leading up to your show.

The only fear I would have is that you’d be tempted to do cardio while on the V-diet w/ a show date looming, and that would really be a bad idea b/c it could definitely cause you to lose LBM which is the LAST thing you want before a show! Maybe throw the cardio back in during your transition while you’re fine-tuning and “filling back out” a little.

Regarding the cellulite - I’m one of those LUCKY people (sarcasm dripping here) who was BLESSED with the cellulite gene. I have at least a little cellulite until my BF gets below 11% (which is just crazy!). The V-Diet did help to drastically reduce my cellulite as I dropped body fat, but in my opinion, no more or less than dropping the BF during a traditional cutting phase has done in the past.

Hope this helps, and good luck with your competition, regardless of your decision about the V-Diet :slight_smile:


do me a huge favor and kidnap me for spring break ive had enough new england for the year. im sick of spending my weekends at mohegan sun to escape the misery.




Good luck in your competition Selina


Thank you,

I’ve never done one before but have been interested since I started lifting a couple years ago. What about you?


[quote]selina0617 wrote:
Thank you,

I’ve never done one before but have been interested since I started lifting a couple years ago. What about you?[/quote]

forget it, i thought you would catch on that i was from MA too.


Good luck for your comp, Selina.

I’m in the same boat as you ;o)

In the personal opinion department, I agree with Christietracy that it isn’t the best strategy to do it in the 4 weeks pre-comp. That’s why i’ve started it 6 weeks from comp, to be able to do my transition and to carb-up with solid food.

what day are you at now?


I actually have not started, I will start in a week or so, after spring break.

In terms of competition, I have not actually signed up for a spec date yet. I plan on picking a date after 2 weeks of being on the V-Diet. I will choose a date that is 3-4 weeks after the V-Diet.

Have you done the V-Diet yet?


First time, and I’m gonna close day 3 tonight. Already the results are showing ;o).

Its a wise move to start first and then decide when you’ll compete. I don’t have that luxury though, as there aren’t many competitions happening in quebec over the course of the year


im on the V-Diet right now (day 12). by this time im usesd to it and its not bad. i lost 1 1/2 inch on my waist in 9 days so it deff works. good luck, ill be lookin for your V-Diet thread.


Hi Selina

Good luck!


[quote]fitness_man wrote:
Hi Selina

Good luck!


Dude, seriously? This thread stopped 19 months ago. LOL.