Total Velocity

…so i am on day 10 of the diet. I’ve already dropped 11 lbs and people at work are starting to ask what i am up to.

It’s totally crazy! I haven’t been hungry. I enjoyed my first HSM although not nearly as much as i was expecting. I think that the anticipation of an HSM was more enjoyable than the actual meal. Straight back to the shakes and blazing through the workouts. Feeling stronger and healthier in only 10 days. I can’t wait to see what the results are after 28 days.

I can’t say that i can see a lot of difference in myself but if people are starting to notice at work then i know it’s just a matter of time before the mirror reflects differently to me.

I’ve even dropped enough weight that my blood pressure is back in check enough that i can handle popping a couple HOT-ROX during the day (1 morning, 1 lunch).

I would love to see quicker results but i know that i didn’t get fat overnight so surely it won’t go away in the same time frame.

Anyway… rather than an “Ask Chris” question i wanted to say thank you for all that you are doing and keep up the good work. I look forward to your V-Diet tips and seeing my future results. Thanks again!

Don’t make it look too easy! We Texans have a way of doing that.

How are the tape measurements? Or are you waiting until the halfway point?

Starting Measurements 02/22/09:
weight = 270.8
height = 6’ 1/2"
neck = 17 3/4"
chest = 46 1/2"
upper arms = L 14.5"; R 16"
waist navel = 52"
hip = 48"
upper leg = L 28"; R 29"
lower leg = L 18 1/2"; R 17 1/2"
ankle = L 11"; R 11"

Measurements As of 3/2/09:
weight = 259
height = 6’ 1/2"
neck = 17 1/2"
chest = 47 1/2"
upper arms = L 15"; R 16"
waist navel = 51"
hip = 46.5"
upper leg = L 29.5"; R 29"
lower leg = L 18"; R 17 1/2"
ankle = L 11"; R 11"

Not a ton of change in the measurements. Neck, chest, and waist mainly. I like the workouts but getting all that walking in is a beating! Getting it done though and liking the results! Thanks again!

That’s excellent spin. Chris has been saying to everyone that you’ll lose a large amount of weight first then the inches will come with the following weeks. So you took a huge step starting it up and getting through your first week. You did awesome getting rid of those first 11 lbs. Congrats! Just keep pushing and wait for more fat loss and decreases in your measurements.

Where are you located in Texas? I’m in good 'ol College Station. Relocating to San Marcos in June.

Chris - Didn’t realize you were a fellow Texan. I know I’ve read your story before, but do you have a link or something so I can get back to it and see the course you’ve set?

Lol - Texan’s ROCK! :slight_smile:

Representing Corpus Christi here. I’m one of the strange one’s that loves it here and NEVER wants to leave! Although we may have to move closer to Houston or Austin for my job in the next few years. . .hoping not. If we do, I’ll be hoping for the Hill country near Austin. I’ve heard it’s absolutely beautiful.

Hate to say it…as a former Houstonian and graduate of OU, my allegiances lie with THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA. BOOMER SOONER! :slight_smile:

TUCK FEXAS…hehe all in good fun of course :wink:

Here ya go phatkins. . . Lol :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Just sending a little Texas Lovin on your way!

congrats on your results spinsir - keep up the hard work and keep us posted!

Funny story Phat… Spring Break 2000 some guys from the University of Texas (t.u. as us Aggies call them) yelled out from their condo to some Sooner guys on the beach carrying kegs. “OU Sucks!!” Quickest and most deliberate comeback I’ve ever heard. “Texas Swallows!!” The t.u. guys had no response.

So being an Aggie and having a tremendous amount of class, we would never get into such an exchange of words haha :wink: but I’ve got to give your fellow alumni some credit for being quick and witty. Who knew they had it in them? lol

And please, no comebacks about our football team. =)

I knew I’d only open a can of worms with that last post hahaha, don’t mess with Texas.

Mega, you must have met the only “witty” people from Oklahoma that Spring break…I had to get the hell out of that backwards ass place. They do love their football and America though!

Padre is one helluva crazy place to party on spring break by the way…best of my lifetime for sure. I went to Kyle field in 2003 so I can’t talk smack about your football team. You guys beat our #1 ranked Sooners and I was sitting smack dab in the middle of the Aggy student section. Was not a good day and the drive home was LONNNNNG.

Haha, ohhhh to the glory days of my freshman year in college. The only time we beat you guys in my career here. Is it still considered a “rebuilding year” if it’s been going on for 10 years?

I am actually headed down to Austin from Dallas for the High School State Basketball Tourney next week. 3 glorious days of basketball!

Day 14 on the diet… 256.6 lbs this morning. That’s a whopping 1 lbs loss per day over the first 1/2 of the diet. 14+ lbs lost total. Awesome results and no complaints, looking forward to the next 14 days. Measurements tonight and then a blog post if anyone is curious about my results. Thanks to all the Texans out there giving me support. Thanks to Chris for the diet itself.

HOLY CRAP! You’re killing it bro. Hope you can keep up that pace for the rest of the two weeks and set some sort of forum record!


Good work keep the focus, looking forward to your blog post.

Weighed this morning first thing and i am down to 253 lbs which is 17 lbs lost so far. 4 days to go before the transition weeks begin!

Day 26 and I’m down 19 lbs total!

And from another fellow Texan…ROCKSTAR! 19 lbs! That is very cool. 2 more days. Then you lucky bastard get a HSM every single day. Dont you feel sorry for us First Weekers still waiting for that first HSM? Hah, nice work spinsir, ready to see your end results, even after the transition phase.


Thanks for the “kind” words of encouragement! :wink: I still have a long way to go but i have an excellent jump start after the first 4 weeks and have gained some momentum that will hopefully keep the results rolling in so i can meet my goal weight of about 225 lbs.

Thanks again and hang in there… that first HSM is nice but look forward to the changes that are about to happen to you and stay the course! Holler back after the first HSM… i will be curious to hear how it went! :slight_smile:

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