Total Carb Load on Indigo-3G

Dear Indigo-3G Experts:

I know that these questions are asked over and over in different ways, but I guess it is my turn.

I am currently on an extremely low carb diet, with a carb day every two weeks. My goal is fat loss. I expect to transition to a mass gain phase in January, hopefully all lean. CS’s articles about being a FFB really resonate with me, and I think that Indigo might be the way to go. I want to know how to use it. So here’s my question:

How many grams/day of carbs should I consume?

I am 6’2, 240 lbs. No idea bf%. I have had only limited carb tolerance in the past. I have been training for years and have a decent amount of muscle. My plan is to go down to 220, where I should have visible abs (I did last time I weighed 220, at least). I train 4x/week or more, intense lifting, weighted carries and sprints every session. I do NEPA by walking a lot.

Also, are there any other supplements you recommend for lean gains?


This article answers exactly that. Long story short, depends on your size and activity.

On Indigo, going low-carb isn’t the best plan because, as a nutrient partitioner, Indigo needs stuff to work with. It’s more effective when you train hard and give the body clean carb sources that the Indigo can manage. With the lifting and carries and sprints, it sounds like you’re putting in the work so the carbs will have a job to do, so that’s good.

A good workout drink with high-quality protein and carbs is always the best place to start, to improve performance and recovery. This article talks more about why. Plazma is the best of the best. Surge Workout Fuel would be the next best choice for something to drink during lifting sessions.

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