Tortilla Crisps... Mhmmm


so this is something I actually came up with during some of my college days when I was broke as hell all of the time and had to scrape by with whatever random things I could swipe from my parents house. It’s simple, easy, and pretty quick plus the variety’s are vast.

corn tortillas (the kind you find in the international section at kroger)
splenda to taste (or any granulated sweetener)
cinnamon to taste
a little water
a cooking brush

preheat oven to 300 degrees
place tortillas on a metal cooking tray
bake until golden and crispy
now take your sweetener and cinnamon and mix in a small bowl
lightly brush water on the tortilla (don’t overdo it, it’s just to help the sweetener hold)
sprinkle the sweet mixture over the tortillas

I absolutely love making these as part of my post workout meal (that way i can eat like 6 of them and not feel bad)

add powdered peanut butter to the mix
you can also remove the sweetness and add some cayenne and whatnot, then top with things like fat-free refried beans, ground turkey/beef, and veggies…


Sounds great!