Top Calorie Count for HSM?

Hey all,

Is there a ‘top calorie count’ for your HSM? I added up what I plan on eating and got about 1k calories. I know the calorie count has to be subtracted from the total caloric intake, but am unsure whether 1k calories is too much at one meal.

It was new york strip steak (8oz), salad, one tomato, two ears of corn, a cup of broccoli, and some light salad dressing.

I went with the equivalent of four shakes. I found it easier to pre determine how much I’d have for the HSM. Of course, it usually ended up being oatmeal and milk, but I’m just narcissistic like that.

Four Shakes for me would be about 800 Cals.

Hmm…wonder how to drop some cals from my HSM…

damn that’s CRAZY. i actually calculated out my HSM for just a tad over what 1 shake w/ 1 tbsp almond butter would be.

i capped mine at abt 300 calories. I still shot for the total protein amount per day to be the same, and kept it low carb.

Dont mean to hijack this thread but i was wondering something along the same line. What Macro percentages are best for the HSM. Would 60%/30%/10% (P/F/C) be best (kinda like a keto meal) or would it be better to replace 4 shakes worth of protein and fill in the macros from there.

Also is there a certain amount of carbs you should definitely stay under. And does the type of carbs matter. Obviously you should stay away from the sugary stuff but are things like tortilla shells ok?


don’t worry about it so much, just have some enjoyable healthy food. Shugart posted something about what it should look like:

lots of protein
lots of green fibrous veggies
a little fibrous starch
a little good fats

tortilla shells WOULD NOT be a good idea.

protein: lean chicken, lean beef, turkey breast, tuna, salmon, eggs, egg whites, low carb MD.

veggies: salad, spinach, broccoli, green beans

starch: oats, sweet potato, beans, quinoa

fats: incidental from steak, eggs, salmon, or add a little olive oil, or nuts if you choose a lean protein

simple really.

read the posts by Shugart

and yes you meant to hijack

(why does everyone who is about to hijack a thread, “not to hijack but…”) I know i’ve done it but i’m stopping

EDIT: you’re not going to turn into a fatass by not following some mystical keto macronutrient percentage for ONE MEAL. you are on the V-Diet after all aren’t you?

yeah i am on the V-Diet, I’m just a number whore. Comes with the engineering degree.

Thanks for the help

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