Top 2 on a Budget?


Considering I am on the dad with 3 kids on a single income budget, I was considering the purchase of 2 Biotest supplements. I am convinced that Surge Workout Fuel is a must…but what would be a solid, reasonable, affordable second? I am obviously in the business of adding size…and normally have little problem leaning out when that time comes.


I am still not sold completely on Surge Workout Fuel (for gym work out, that is). I just love the protein side of things to much.

I still stand by this.

Plazma. 1 scoop pre.
More money? Add a scoop of Plazma during.
More? MAG-10

After that, i find it is dependent on your specific goal.

Good luck


<a href=""target=“new”>Surge Workout Fuel is a good choice for you, but as JFG wrote, a smaller dosage of <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma (like 1 serving pre and 1 serving intra) may fit the budget as well.

The second choice depends on your needs. Are there any holes to fill? For example, do you need a fast, convenient source of protein? Go with Metabolic Drive. Are you getting quality sleep? If not, use Z-12. In other words, fill any gaps on the foundational side of things.

I’d personal choose <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G.

And of course there’s always the least expensive choice: good ol’ <a href=""target=“new”>Creatine Monohydrate or <a href=""target=“new”>Creatine Malate.


Personally, my two favorite bang-for-the-money products are Surge Recovery and MAG-10, with MAG-10 definitely the choice between the two if budget allows.

Like JFG, I want protein, and fast-absorbed quality protein, for my workout. Surge Recovery provides this, and MAG-10 even more so.

At $2.50 a serving (less with discount) it’s also often cheaper and better for me during the day than buying something to have instead. This is another difference with protein supplements: rather than being simply added cost, typically they result in reduction of other purchases. They still may end up costing something compared to what the other purchase is, but there’s always some factor there, often substantial.


How old are you? If over 35, my #1 is Alpha Male. And you should budget for it the rest of your life. Skip beer, food, whatever… but get on it and NEVER stop! #2 for me would be Indigo-3G.