Too Soon for HSM?

I might be overthinking this (I tend to do that) but I’m wondering about the timing of my HSM. I started my V-Diet on Monday but want my HSM day to be Saturdays. Should I take my measurements and eat the HSM this Saturday or is that too soon since technically it will only be 5 days instead of 7 for the first week. I thought about maybe making the HSM on Sunday instead of Saturday this week and then move it to Saturday the next week which would essentially give me 2 6-day weeks.

Any thoughts?

I was wondering the same thing, since I was planning on starting Monday and having my HSM on Saturdays. Hopefully, someone can answer this question for us.

Saturday is fine for a Monday start. Some do switch that first week’s HSM to Sunday, but it’s no biggie.

I suggest picking a day that best suits your social life and using that one for all 4 HSMs. Some like their HSM to be a Saturday “date night”; others like Sundays because it’s a more relaxed day where they can take the time to cook a good HSM. Up to you.

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