Too Small For V-Diet, Need Recommendations

54 year old that’s been weight training for 4+ years. Lean, have built muscle, however due to menopause now have gained fat around the waist that I cannot decrease. The V-diet is not recommended for me do to my weight (5’4", 114lbs)
This is driving me crazy as I’ve worked so hard, only now to get a late life mini tire around my waist.
Have done cardio, however - seeing I should be doing conditioning instead, so will give that a try.

Is there a modified V-diet I should try?
Currently using MAG-10 and Plazma for workouts.

Sounds like you’re on the right track generally - conditioning instead of cardio, solid workout nutrition plan, etc.

What many people do is keep carbs low all throughout the day, their only carbs coming from Plazma and Mag-10. That can be done with a “V-Diet Lite” sort of idea where a couple of meals per day are replaced by <a href=""target=“new”>Metabolic Drive. People who use the “Lite” method often have one solid meal per day, often at night and it’s mainly a protein/veggies meal, very low carbs. So a low carb solid meal per day, a couple of shakes, and workout nutrition.

The key for someone who’s on the small side yet still has fat to lose is muscle GAIN, so forget the scale of course. You want to build and strength that metabolism. Replacing longer duration cardio with HIIT/conditioning work is a great start.

How are you using Plazma? Given your low body weight, you may only need 1 pre-load serving, then 1 Mag-10 post-workout.

I typically lift M-W-F, and on those days I start with 1 1/2 scoop plasma, followed by Mag10. Then breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner - staying with low carbs in the evening.
On off days, work in a mid morning shake.
I’ve also been diagnosed as Hypothyroid, so now 12 weeks into a “natural” thyroid medication that’s helping with energy/fatigue.
Trying to “jump start” getting back on track!!

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