Too Skinny, Can't Gain Weight



I’m 6’0 and 120LB’s. Age 28 years. Yes, underweight and too skinny, I have had enough beatings in my life. Decided to stop all those. Hitting the gym from the past year. This is what I can do now

Bench: 110LBs, DeadLift: 150LB’s

Though I can’t eat enough. Not feeling much hungry, went to hospital everything was fine. Donno what to do brothers.

My dad used to say that i’m not even deserved to eat when I was a kid (Yes, child abuse). If I gain weight I will stand against all those abuse.

Please help me brothers, when it comes to workout I can even kill my self to gain weight.


Well, simply put, you need to eat more, it’s extremely simple and there is no other answer. Any training you do in the gym will not help you put on weight at ALL if you don’t eat more. Maybe a good mass gainer shake would be easy if you’re typically not hungry, drinking your calories might be the way to go. You can make a huge shake and sip throughout the day, or a few shakes throughout the day. Lots of oats, nut butters, bananas, calorie dense foods. But, if you’re serious about gaining weight, you’ll have to eat a caloric surplus every single day. If you “feel” like you’re eating a lot, but you’re not gaining weight, you’re not eating enough.


Don’t worry brother, you’ll get there eventually. I was even skinnier than you, 6"0 and 115 pounds. Now I’m 39 and 155, still slim but not extremely skinny. I hope you don’t smoke, because I did and it suppressed my appetite. And I’m sure it kept my metabolism running high as it’s a stimulant. When I quit, I started gaining a lot of weight, mostly fat as I wasn’t working out as well.

Try to eliminate any other stimulants, like tea or coffee as well. Learn to meditate and relax as that will help your metabolism slow down a bit and gain weight. Eat what the post below has mentioned, high calorie food, adding oils like coconut oil and fish oil daily, and nuts. Also, try jogging for a while as I found that it stimulated my appetite immensely.

Good luck!