Too Much...?


I am getting ready to start the V-Diet and had a exercise question. I am in the military and have required PT 6 days a week. A 3 mile run on monday. Either some sort of hill climb, or an hour of various bodyweight and band exercises and sprints. Some sort of upper/lower/whole body exercise circuit on wednesday, or a 3 mile run. thursday is some sort of cardio class like spin or kick boxing in the morning and another bodyweight, band exercise circuit in the afternoon. Friday is a free/sports day where you can play flag football or do something in the gym.

I know that’s a lot of cardio to do while on the V-Diet but my schedule isn’t going to be changing for at least a year, should I attempt to do the lifting on monday, wednesday and friday? Or will that combined with the rest burn me out? Maybe just lift on monday and friday? I really want to do this diet but I don’t want to burn my self out with too much cardio plus lifting and gain no benefit from the V-Diet.

With all that activity, you could lift using the V-Diet program on Monday/Friday only and play it by ear from there. You could also skip the NEPA, though there’s never anything wrong with adding extra movement (i.e. taking a walk.)

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