Too Much Lifting on V-Diet?


Is it ok to lift/workout in the morning and also in the afternoon while on the V-Diet?


For best results, follow the V-Diet training plan. It’s not too much and not too little.

That’s tab #4 in the plan, BTW:

Plus, your supplement package was designed for the plan: 3 full body sessions per week, 1 V-Burn session, daily NEPA.

Lastly, if you add more weight training you’d need more Surge Recovery meaning 1) you’d run out early if you ordered the V-Diet package and 2) you’d add hundreds of extra weekly carbs and calories.


I think a lot of people ask this question in the beginning BEFORE they’ve even done the training. I get it. I think I asked the same thing. I asked the same thing when I did Body of FIRE, too. The bottom like, or the “canned answer” I think is do the workout. Give it your all. Put in a ton of effort, choose the right weight so it’s challenging. It’s not a cliché to say if you do the workout “right” you’re not going to want to do more.

If you do it in the morning, there’s no way you’re going to want to lift again that night. And if you do it at night there sure as hell is no way you’re going to get up the next morning and feel like lifting again right away. Instead of thinking about when would be a good time to lift AGAIN, concentrate on THIS workout. Go balls out and get the results you’re looking for. Adding more workouts isn’t going to yield faster results. JUst faster burnout and fatigue. Add more effort and you’ll be fine.

It’s in line with my new mantra for 2011 – it doesn’t matter what you’re GOING to do. Only what you’re DOING.