Too Much Lately

I am a 33 year old guy who a mere 3 years ago went from 240lbs to 178lbs. I lost this weight due to a bad marriage, a bit of depression, and no real desire to work hard at anything.

I made a vow, knowing my marriage was on its last legs to take life by the horns and kick the crap out of it. I was motivated, driven, and strict. As a result, I was in the best shape of my life at 178lbs (about 11% body fat) and reinvigorated.

Well, life has been good to me lately. I have a wonderful girl I have been dating for 16 months, I have been fairly regular at the gym or doing bodyweight exercise outside but I have let my diet slip, my alchohol consumption is up and I have put on about 20 of the 60lbs I lost. I am pissed off about it but have nobody to blame but myself.

Today is day one:
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 198
Waist (at BB): 36"
Waist (at widest): 36.5"
Hips: 41"
Thigh: 25"
Chest: 40"
Neck: 15.75"
Upper arm: 13"

Pictures to follow.

It sounds like you’ve got the right mindset, can’t wait to see pictures, I’d always envisioned my ideal body at around 200… curious to see how well defined you are and how much MORE work I have to do… :frowning:

All the best with the diet,i’m sure you’ll do great.You certainly have the right mindset.

A view from the front…excuse the farmers tan.

Side view.


Day one was fine. The lack of “substantial” food was fairly easy to deal with and whenever I felt like chewing on something, I chewed on ice cubes.
The workout was good. I struggled a bit with the pullups (extra weight will do that) and I have not done ab roll-outs in ages!
Had a long walk and a massage so all was good.

…On to day two.

good luck!!

[quote]Blazin wrote:
It sounds like you’ve got the right mindset, can’t wait to see pictures, I’d always envisioned my ideal body at around 200… curious to see how well defined you are and how much MORE work I have to do… :([/quote]

Yeah, as I was losing weight I always thought 200lbs would be ideal but as I continued beyond that I found that closer to 180-185 (with current muscle mass) was good. It was not a fun lesson but it made me work harder to stay under 200 for all of this time.

Day 2:

I woke up feeling sluggish and generally like crap but the HR and shake were a welcome pick-me-up. Plenty of NEPA.
The hardest thing was going to a bar to watch the last game of the College World Series with my buddies.
They are the biggest bunch of sabotage artists in the world but I managed to fight them off with a large glass of unsweetened iced tea and a glass of water.

Slept poorly but that seems to be the case of late.

Just got back from a physical in which being weighed was crucial.
I was at 191.5. That is down 6.5lbs from Day one. Is it possible that I could have lost that much water in two days?


I was in the same boat as you with a divorce. Funny how the divorce diet works. Its not a healthy one by any means. However for myself, thats what I started working out and really paying attention to my health. And now I do feel like I’m in the best health of my life.

As far as the weight at the doctors… you really need to weigh yourself on the same scale and at the same time of day. You body weighs differently at different times of the day. They say first thing in the morning before you eat, and after you relieve yourself.

I’m on day 18 currently and I will tell you this. The first week to week and a half is hell. I always felt so run down and lack of energy. And I just craved something to be able to chew on. But stick with it. It gets easier I promise you that. Your energy level will definitely increase. You will still crave food, don’t get me wrong. But the temptation isn’t as severe.

And when it comes time for your first HSM… you will be in heaven!

Update: Diet and training was postponed due to a upper-respiratory infection. Odd thing to happen.

Back on as soon as it clears up a bit. A few days hopefully.

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