Too Much Free Time?

I know this isn’t a common problem but I’m curious if other V-Dieters had succeeded under similar circumstances. I work a generally seasonal job (60-80hrs a week in season and 6-8 hrs a week out of season) and I am essentially on a vacation until August. The first two V-Diets I did were very successful in part because I was very busy with work at the time and my general non-exercise physical activity was high. The third round was not as successful likely because I was between jobs at the time and doing nothing but the V-Diet related exercise. So I am facing the same issue currently with my fourth round of the V-Diet.

I understand that too much exercise is bad on the V-Diet and the energy hasn’t always been there to do too much extra (though I don’t know how I’ll feel on this latest incarnation that includes daily HSM), but I feel I will need to do more than the daily walking (I walked 60 minutes straight every day for the previous diets) and the 3 workouts & 1 BW challenge to make up for low daily NEPA.

Any one have an oppinion? I was thinking that I would perhaps just do the first week or so as normal and see, then if I want to add more activity (swimming/longer walking) then maybe just modify the shakes.

If you have that much free time, you have to wonder whether the v-diet is really the best choice. I’d be tempted to go with some kind of twice a day training plan instead since you have so much time to optimize nutrition and take naps.

Extra free time is actually a side effect of he V-Diet for many people – less time spent preparing multiple meals, cleaning up, even less food shopping to do.

If you’re looking to do some extra physical work, there’s of course nothing wrong with added NEPA. You can’t over-train walking, casual bike riding etc.

But this may also be a good time to take those off days from the gym and work on “little things” that are hard to fit in when you’re busier. Maybe it’s foam rolling or some type of corrective work that’s good for you but not overdoing it while on restricted calories. Maybe your calves suck and you’ve never really focused on them; they’ve always been an afterthought. Extra ancillary workouts on small muscle groups aren’t going to hurt you. (No need for extra workout nutrition for that type of work really.)

You could even learn some new lifts. These wouldn’t be workouts really, just practicing and working on form. Learn the muscle snatch for example and when it’s time to end the V-Diet and get back to a more traditional training plan you’ll have it down pat already and can hit it hard right from the start.

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