Too Many Nuts in a Day?


Hello there!

I’ve been trying out some of Chris’ HSM recipes lately, and the stuff I’ve made so far has been awesome. I was thinking though, today two of my meals were:

Lunch - West African chicken stew (i.e. rotisserie chicken in a peanut sauce)
Dinner - Gluten free pizza (base was made of almond meal, cheese, and eggs)

Now I know that peanuts aren’t nuts, and in today’s case it might not be a problem - but let’s say I made the lunch with a almond or cashew butter. Would then eating these two meals today be an overkill in the quantity of nut products consumed?



p.s. I’m not looking to lose weight, know the meals are quite calorie dense, but should I be concerned about other things? I just want to eat carb free.


Nuts and nut flour can be calorically dense, even though they’re low carb and higher in fiber. So, you can’t go too crazy on them. That said, there’s some evidence that not all of those calories even “absorb”. I write about this in my article here:


"In a study published in the International Journal of ORMD, one group of reduced-calorie dieters enriched their diets with almonds while another group ate the same amount of calories but consumed no almonds.

The result? The almond-eaters lost more body fat and more inches off their waists than the non-almond eaters. Remember, the study participants ate the same amount of calories.

This result may be partly due to the fact that the fiber in almonds prevents some of the calories from fat from being absorbed. “The fiber binds with a portion of the fat so that it doesn’t come into contact with the intestinal wall,” researcher Dr. Michelle Wien, explained. “It just gets flushed out of the body.”

So, almonds are sorta like that Orlistat weight loss drug and its impotent cousin, Alli, only, you know, without all the anal leakage and explosive shitting.

Dr. Jonny Bowden notes that epidemiologic studies universally show that those who eat the most nuts also tend to have the lowest levels of body fat. No, you can’t eat them by the handful all day long when in a fat loss stage, but the good fat, the protein, and the fiber content combine to make almonds super satiating (filling)."

Also, be sure to take your fish oil to keep your fats balanced out.