Too Light for V-Diet?


Hey Chris,

I’m a pretty short dude, about 5’6, and I weigh 130 lbs on average, which I know is well below the cutoff for guys. But I still have a fair amount of body fat that I’d like to lose. What are the dangers of doing the V-Diet for a guy like me? If I can do it, should I just use the eating schedule for a 130 pound girl?


Well, even though you’re on the shorter side, at 130 you can’t possibly have much muscle. So, losing even more weight would make you even smaller and, I’m afraid. scrawny looking instead of ripped. You have to have something under there to uncover or you’re not going to like the results.

Sure, there are genetic outliers that the V-Diet calculator doesn’t fit, but I don’t think the V-Diet is for you. I understand that even smaller guys who don’t weigh much can have too much body fat, but my advice is to get rid of it another way, like this:

100 Gram Carb Cure

Then move to something like this:

Get Big Without Getting Fat

Hope that helps.


Thanks for the fast response. That makes total sense. I’ve been doing the 100 gram carb thing and it’s definitely helped me lose about 8 lbs of body fat in 2 months, but since I’m starting to plateau I guess I’ll start adding a second Metabolic Drive shake with some flaxseed oil or natural nut butter at night, or doing the olive oil shots.

I guess my other question would be, once I start upping my calories above my maintenance level, would taking HOT-ROX be a good idea, or completely unnecessary?


Some people take things like HOT-ROX when trying to gain mass to keep fat gains minimal. I’m not sure I go for that. With clean food choices and realistic expectations, that’s probably not necessary.

You could be a good candidate for Indigo-3G. More should be available in 3-4 weeks.