Too Light for the Program?

I’ve seen the great transformations, and of course want in.
I’ve been seriously working out for the last 9 months or so with a fairly consistent progressive overload routine along with a low-carb, high protein diet (cycling in carb-loading once a week).

The calculator shows me as being too light to try the program. I am 5’6", 37yo and about 157 lbs. Current BF is around 9% and I’d like to drop down to 7% or a little less if possible. I’m frustrated and angry that I am no longer seeing much physical progress in terms of fat loss despite muscle and strength gains.

Is this the wrong program for me, or given that I am shorter does the weight range not make as much difference?


Can you post a picture? The reason for the weight cutoff is because skinny people don’t need to get any skinner.

If you’ve only been working out seriously for 9 months, you can’t have too much muscle mass.

But like I mentioned, pics would help.

I’m shorter than you and was right at the cutoff point when I started.

As stated, pictures would be helpful. Also, 9% is pretty lean, I personally wouldn’t do this diet if I were already there.

Demo Dick

If you are the weight you said you are, AND already 9%, AND fairly new to lifting, then the V-Diet is not for you. Lots of good programs for you here on TMuscle though. Just scan the archives.

Thanks for the replies - I’ll post pics tomorrow.

I’ve been training for 3 years, but only with any level of consistency and decent diet for 9 months.

For everyone doing this plan… nice work, there are some great transformations there.

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