Too Heavy for V-Diet?

I have a cousin that came to me for some diet advice. He needs to lose about 100 lbs. I was considering having him start off with the V-Diet to get a jump start on his weight loss and help him transition to healthier eating habits. However, when I put his info in the calculator, it said his weight (~300+) falls outside of the program guidelines. He is a tall guy (I think about 6’4"), so he carries his weight. Aside from possible physical limitations for the velocity training portion, is there any other reason why it wouldn’t be a good idea to get him started on the V-Diet?

If he’s an outlier – someone who exceeds the weight guidelines but mainly because he’s very tall – then he could still do the V-Diet, just enter the top weight the calculator will allow.

That said, someone with 100 pounds to lose could easily drop 20-30 with a less extreme diet plan, so he may want to start there, then save the V-Diet for later.

What calculator?

[quote]Elephant wrote:
What calculator?[/quote]

There is no longer a calculator. Old post referring to older version of the V-Diet.

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