Too Full - Can't Finish All the Shakes

Hi all. First off, loved the diet. After 4 weeks I dropped 17 lbs and dropped even more fat once I transitioned to regular meals. Two back-to-back deployments made it hard to eat clean and sleep, but even though training never suffered I still added a little fat. I tried the V-Diet in it’s former versions as well, so it was not as much a challenge as it was way back when.

The problem is my girlfriend who just started after seeing how well it worked. It is day two now, and she is so full that she could not lie down to sleep last night, and is so full right now after meal 3 that she can not workout. With two meals to go in the next 4 hours, it’s not going to happen. One more meal if she’s lucky.

Have any other females experienced this? If so how did you counter it? My initial suggestion to her was to just keep it at 4 meals for now until she gets used to eating that much (she eats very little, but a lot of it is garbage since she moved to the US). She’s miserable, and frankly a real pain in the ass when it comes to breaking her of old habits that never worked from the begining. I WISH I would have ever felt that full on the diet.

It’s rare, but it happens: the shakes are just too filling for some. Happened to a girlfriend of mine. I just took her off the diet since consuming less than a 1000 calories would have lead to muscle loss.

But, make sure your GF has toyed with the amount of water and ice used in the shakes. Some like them smaller but thicker. Some long them bigger but thinner. [Insert penis joke here.]

Hey JP,

Here’s my story for what it’s worth!

Totally get it. I also ate relatively low calories, much of it junk. I struggle with days where I’m so full. Here’s how I get over it - I calculate the divide between meals (either 5 or 6 depending on lifting day or not) and then I set my watch. Whether I want it or not I have the shake. I don’t like protein shakes at all. Superfood is nasty. Leucine is apparently insoluble. However…I make the shake dilute enough to chug (~300mL water to 1scoop). I put a napkin under my mouth (because I will dribble b/c I don’t like the taste and tend to purse my lips) and chug with my nose plugged. I have to do this twice for 2-scoop meals. Then I rinse my mouth out (nose still plugged!), and drink a glass of water.

I have to schedule my workouts for 1 or 1.5hrs after a shake. I cannot workout immediately after a shake b/c I’m so full. I can’t wait too long or I lose energy. I can’t take Surge right after a work out 'cause my stomaches not ready (I have to wait between 15-30min). I have to time my bedtime shake to be 1 or 1.5hrs before bed, also because I can’t lie down when I’m that full. So on Surge days, I really have to time things carefully b/c it’s more “food” in a day and I really need things to be spaced apart. First shake must be within 1hr of waking up.

Anyway, I’m on day 23 and this has been my routine. And I am NOT a hardcore person. I’m totally average Jane, just looking to get average Jane’s body.

I do find now that I have more and more hungry days. I assume that because I’ve forced my body to adapt. Getting over carbs was the worst - talk about cranky, tired, miserable. It took a good week to get over that.

This diet is hard work for some of us. I struggle every day. So is she really “too full” or is this just a difficult diet?? If she wasn’t too full, would it be something else? It’s different for ladies, our hunger and mood levels can be controlled by hormones and that certainly doesn’t help.

Get out a pen and paper and schedule out tomorrows day. Eventually it will just become routine. And yes, I have on occasion (maybe 3 times) gone to bed on 1 scoop of shake instead of 2. Oh, and once I threw up and couldn’t have it at all.

Long story long, tell her to stay strong and tough it out. It’s worth it!!!

Chris, Amy, thanks for the replies. She gave it her best, and kept going abck to try again after a few days or a week off, and even tried some of those little tricks to help get it down, but it was no use. She started vomiting at work and worse - her workouts started suffering because of it. Just one of those things I guess. She can’t even kiss me after my morning shakes until I brush my teeth or have coffee. Oh well.

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