Tom's V-Diet Log

Starting weight - 237.5
Height - 5’9
Age - 34
Body fat - fat mofo

Hips - 41
Waist {largest} -43
Chest - 47
Upper leg {L} - 25
Upper leg {R} - 24
Upper arm {L} - 15
Upper arm {R} - 16

Started today. Only thing im doing differently is Carbolin 19 instead of hot rocks. Hot rocks do not agree with me.

Will post pics later tonight.

That’s about it. Let get this party started.

Pic 1

Pic 2

I would not have sex with me.

Any pointers on how to take the sweetness out of these shakes?

Problem solved. Banana mixed with chocolate is amaze balls.

Day 1 - Training

I’m going to stick with the max OT program i’ve been doing. I read that Chris said he thought the V diet could handle 531 so im hoping it can handle this.

After all warm up sets/ramping:

Barbell row 6x225,4x235,4x245
Stretcher row 6x120,4x130
Seated row 5x 4x

Incline dumbell curl 6x35,6x40,4x45
Pin wheel curl 6x55,6x60
Barbell curl 5x95,3x105

10 mins of bike sprints {15 secs on 45 secs off}

Day 2- Training

Sets after warm ups/ramping

Squat 6x275,5x285,6x295
Single leg-leg press 6x180,4x230
RDL 6x225, 5x275
Calf raises 3x20 {holding a 45}
Ab roll outs 3x20

Going to take the dog for a 1 hour walk this afternoon.

I have to say. I usually sleep quite poorly getting only 4-5 hours per night. I slept for 9 straight hours last night. Felt great this morning and probably had my best work out of the year.

Also Surge mixed with orange mio tastes pretty good.

I’m not hungry but I really want to eat.Why are there so many ads for food on TV?

Gonna hit the gym tonight after work. Will update training then.

I’ve decided not to weigh in everyday. Instead i’m just going to post updated pics and weight every Wednesday.

[quote]blindpirate wrote:
I’m not hungry but I really want to eat.Why are there so many ads for food on TV?

Yeah, I was in the middle of my V-diet during March Madness. Seeing all of the pizza and wings commercials was terrible. However, powering past the triggers for junk food was liberating.

My new hobby??? Gambling on womens tennis. Don’t ask…

Day 3/4

Training yesterday:

After warm ups/ramping.

Seated OHP 6x145,4x155,4x165
Lateral dumbell raises 6x35,4x40,4x45
Reverse pec deck 6,4

Kettle-bell swings. Did as many as i could in 30 secs with about 45 secs to 1 min of rest inbetween. 9 sets.

Really happy i just get to walk today as i feel a little beat up.

The SOBs next to my office are grilling jerk chicken and steak right now. The smell is pouring into my office. FML

I don’t feel hungry but the shakes are starting to get to me a bit. Just cant hide that sweetness.

Day 5 - V burn challenge 17.03

I get to eat on Wednesday!!!

Day 6


After all warm ups/ramping

DB press 6x100,4x105,3x110
DB Flye 45x6,50x5,55x5
Dip BWx8
Overhead DB extention 60x6,65x6,75x4
Tate press 40x6,45x4

45 minute treadmill walk at 4mph.

Felt pretty weak today. V burn really longdicked me from yesterday. Im going to try and separate workouts and v burn by a day. Other than that same old, same old.

Meatballs on Wednesday. Cant wait.

Yes good. Keep it up

UUUUUUUUGGGGGGReally fucking sore today.

Feel like i’ve been raped in every hole by a pack of 300lb gorillas. Bad times.

Ordered some curcumin yesterday so hopefully that will straighten me out.

Puffy back day today. I see meatballs in my future…

Day 7

After all warm up sets/ramping:

Barbell row 6x225,4x235,4x245
Close grip pulldowns 190x6,200x5
Seated row 5x 4x

Incline dumbell curl 6x35,6x40,4x45
Pin wheel curl 6x55,6x60

35 mins at 4mph

Day 8 - 4/23/14

Weigh in day:

Weight 228.5 {-9lbs}
Hips 40.5 {41}
Belly {largest} 40 {43}
Chest 46 {47}
Left bicep 15.5 {15}
Right bicep 16 {16}
Left thigh 24.5 {25}
Right thigh 25 {24}

Pic 1 4/23/14

Pic 2 4/23/14

Do i expect to lose 9lbs every week of this diet? No

Does my quick progress motivate me to see this through and then some? Yes

Legs today. Happy times.

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