Todd V-Diet Log

Hey so taking some advice and staring this progress log seems like a good ideas to be accountable to a group during this process. So a little background on my self, I have been training for about a yeah and a half now, when I started Training I was a newly sober 23 year old that was 250lb at a height of 5’8" so in terrible condition. The past year and a half I have stayed sober, started cross fit and power lifting and lost around 40lbs of scale weight. I know I have gained lots of muscle mass as well.

The reason I am stating the V-Diet is simple, I want to reach a competitive level in my sport (cross fit ) and can only do that by shedding some if this un functional fat tissue and building more lean mass. Today is my first day on the diet and I weighed in at 212.6 lbs (could be a little heavy from the feast I had last night hahah) hoping to see some serious results and help me accomplish some of my performance goals.

I have a coach that does personal programming for me so that is the training protocol I will be using and hope that won’t be an issue. He is a top tier competitor and knows about the V-Diet so I trust his training plan for me and my goals. Well that’s all for now I’ll keep this as up to date as possible and am excited to get closer to my body composition goals!

Here are my day one photos

Day one in the books! Stayed on the diet to the T. Felt good all day and had plenty of energy in the gym. I’m looking forward to my pre bed time shake thinking about blending it to change it up a bit. Gonna drink some green tea with mint and fiber to curb the late night cravings, night time is the most difficult time for me personally. I chose to opt for the carboliin 19 instead of the HOT-ROX because of the stimulant factor. Looking forward to tomorrow hopefully it will go as well as today. Took my NEPA walk at night to get out of the house, it was a good idea took 40 mins and made a big difference with the night time cravings.

day 2

All is going well today a bit less energy today compared to yesterday but over all not too sluggish. Didn’t get awesome sleep last night so decided to get a few hours of sleep at 11, was good for my recovery but woke up with a major food craving so drank some mint green tea and my mid afternoon shake and that got me through it. Have been timing my shakes well and that dose a good job of keeping me satisfied throughout the day. Gym went good today got two bar muscle ups, something i have been working towards for over a year!!! Thats all for now

Day 3

Yesterday went well getting used to the all liquid diet, wanted to weigh my self but didn’t because i don’t think scale weight is that accurate for now. It was mt birthday yesterday so had to use my one HSM at dinner, didn’t stick to the parameters too well, had some onion rings, a slice of bred and a couple bites of ice cream but for it being my b-day my cheat could have been a lot worse! Was tired in the gym but finished my work out. AL in all it went well it seems to be getting a bit easier. I think i am already seeing some progress which has me excited i will post week one photos in a few days to compare my progress.

Day 4

Went good today no slips yet, I can see some progress in the mirror when looking at the day one photos and that has me excited to weight in and take photos on Wednesday, that will be the culmination of week one. Didn’t go on a NEPA walk today, simply forgot

Day 5

Ok so this thing is feeling more and more doable by the day. Energy still seems to be fine, no real issue. Went on a 60min nepa walk and walked almost everywhere else today. Also helped a friend move today so did a good job of finding ways to increase my activity today. No significant cravings to deal with today. Still haven’t weighed my self because I tend to obsess about the number instead of how I look and feel.

Day 6

Went well Got a personal best on my front squat in the gym today 285# 1RM. Was really stoked about that. Stuck to the program again and am definitely starting to see some results. My arms look more defined and my love handles are shrinking, even my girlfriend commented about it. Didn’t do body measurements for day one and am kicking my self for it right now but, oh well, i will take measurement after tomorrow (the end of week one) along with progress photos. Feeling good about this whole thing right now especially with some hard results already.

At least you took pictures, and they will tell a lot when you compare them at the end :slight_smile:
Keep it up!

Thanks for the support man!

Week one photos

Week one photos

Week one photos

Day 7

Ok so week one in the books!!! Was much more difficult than I imagined but stuck to the plan and it is paying off if I do say so my self. Just by looking at my day one photos i can tell a big difference, especially from the back. My love handles have shrunk considerably and my scale weight has dropped from 212.4 lbs to 202.3 lbs! thats just after one week, I don’t expect the rest of the weeks to be that drastic of a change but am really encouraged by my progress so far.

Congrats on your progress man, ten pounds is awesome and it shows. As a V-Diet veteran, I can tell you that the first week is the hardest. It’ll get easier from now on. Keep it up!

Day 8

Went well today had a mad craving cuz my roommate as pissing me off but made it through that. Energy seemed up today as well gonna take a Halloween HSM tomorrow just because I almost lost it today! Gonna keep up the work though haven’t messed up so far and am seeing real progress.

Day 9

Morning went well today, rest day so no Surge, really starting to like that stuff, has an awesome flavor. Had a grass fed burger and some truffle fries for lunch so I guess that is my not so healthy HSM for the week, but i’m cool with it. The diet is getting easier and my energy inside and outside the gym seems to be fine.

Have an intense workout planned for tomorrow so am going to make sure to get good sleep tonight. Gymnastic movements continue to get easier the more weight i drop and my strength has actually improved since starting the diet which was something i was concerned abut in the beginning. That’s all for now more to come soon!

Day 10

Made it to double digits. Had an intense workout today, felt really good to get after it in the gym. Energy was fine a little low but I think that is more due to the changing of the seasons and not lack of nutrition. Didn’t struggle with any cravings today yesterday really got me back on the beam.

It has become clear that if I keep busy and put my mind to other things the cravings are greatly decreased. Feeling good about his decision so far. Forgot to go on my nepa walk today but was really busy so don’t feel too bad about it.

Day 11

Nothing new to report, worked on my pressing ability in the gym today, it is one of my weaker areas and needs some improvement. Felt good to catch a pump today, felt good about what i am doing and the results I am seeing, my lats are starting to be much more defined by the day. I thought i wold see the most change in my stomach but to my surprise the change in my limb definition is becoming more and more drastic along with my mid section. Made sure to go on my NEPA walk today, that is all for now, more to come tomorrow.

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