Today's the Start of My V-Diet

I recently bought the whole supplement regiment for the V-Diet, and currently started it today…I was so excited I kind of didn’t get that much sleep last night. I was like a kid waiting to open his presents on Christmas.

I little back story first. I’ve been working out ever since I was in high school…nothing really serious even when I was trying to become a cop. My workouts started to pick up when I got hired for the local power company. Lifting 75lb jack hammers and bags of asphalt mix day in and day out required more then my regular routine.

So I hit the gym hard…and it payed off I got promoted from digging ditches to working with power and climbing power poles as an Apprentice Lineman. I even made it to the lineman’s rodeo, where we do different events bases on skill, accuracy, and knowledge of the trade.

I placed at the local rodeo and was set to make it to the international rodeo in KC. But, then the fires happened here and I worked 16 hour days for a month straight. With no time for the gym I was slipping. That was about a year ago in November, a few weeks after the fires I got hurt at work. I was swinging a sledgehammer when I felt something go in my neck. The doctors found out it was bone spurs and took me out of work.

Almost a year later and starting to become pain free and 15 pounds heavier I started the V-Diet with my girlfriend. Since I have no work I needed to get on the forums and post my results and progress, because if I can do this diet and workouts with little to no pain…I can get my butt back to work.

Here are some stats

Age 27
Weight 180lbs

Belly 37
Upper leg 22
Calf 15
Chest 41
Upper abs 37.5
Shoulder 46.5
Upper arm 14
Neck 16

I have some self photos but I think I’ll wait till later for my girlfriend to take some.

Sorry for the long history…just needed to give some background. Finished my 3 shake and took my supplements and I’m feeling a little lightheaded. It’s probably the HOT-ROX and the hot shower that did it.

Thanks for listening. I’ll be posting almost everyday.

Now off to my parents to watch them eat…and then off to my first workout.

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