Today My First Day of Diet!

23 apr 09…so I’ve been working out and trying to “watch what i eat” for about year half now. I’ve been to dessert( where it’s impossible to diet, cuz mass made pre-made food) but you can exercise crazy amounts. anyways…i’ve never been able to loose last twenty lbs…well i’m getting out of service in few months…terminal starts in june…so i’m going through big change…so i figure why not change my body also…so i’m excited and i’ll keep you guys update on my progress

Welcome! And you’re very right: “watching what you eat” hardly ever works. People do better on a plan. Super strict works better than half-assed and winging it.

Keep us updated!

good luck Jackie


Stay strong Jackie! How was your first day?

Hey! Good luck! I just started on Wednesday, how’s it going so far?

WELL, man it’s hard…i’ve kinda numb to the taste…but i’m not doing well…but i’m tring…i am…i can’t get all 40 for the set…my muscle are all worn out…and i cheated twice my first week! i’m actually doing horrible i guess…I put diet v8 juice(just little) in my breakfast vanilla shake…cuz i HATE the taste…and I ate some turkey on my non solid food day…but only like 6 tiny slices…and they were small…but still that no excuse…I’ve still lost 3 lbs for this week though and an inch off everything(basically)…but still…try to do better this week and be stronger!..

hey chris i sent you a message about me being in the military…and them about to mess my workout up…you get it?

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