To V-Diet or To Not V-Diet?

So I don’t frequent these parts as much as I did at one time, however don’t think I don’t stop by to see what’s going on from time to time!!!

With that, I’ll be 41 next week… I have been training for about 20 years, give or take. Sometimes more dedicated than others. Not a pro athlete just want to be healthy and strong and look good naked… : ) Anyway, job changes, kids getting older, I’m getting older, etc. I never got to that “lean” look. My 34’s still fit, although my belly seems to be sticking out a bit farther lately. : )

So here is my issue/question… With my job, I sometimes have to travel, sometimes more than I wish to. Normally when I travel eating schedules and workouts are difficult to stick to because I’m normally working long hours and normally the hotel gyms are less to be desired. I was all set to do this, to start the first full week of April, but now it looks like I might have to travel the 3rd week of April, right in the middle of this, furthermore, if I travel this week, I’ll be working a goofy 2nd/3rd shift schedule.

Would it be OK to split up the V-Diet? I know this probably isn’t the best, however I think I’m always going to run into scheduling issues like this where I can’t guarantee a steady 28 days.

2nd, I don’t belong to a gym. I have the basics in my basement. Squat rack, bench, lat pull down, dip/pull up station, etc. Reading the V-Diet program and the training portion it looks like there is a lot of dumbbell movements and even the ab wheel rollout (don’t have one). I have dumbbells, but not heavy enough for what I would need. Is it OK to supplement exercises?

Let me know your thoughts…



  1. It’s fine to split up the weeks if you have to. Just follow the HSM food suggestions during the off weeks. Now, it takes about 21 days for the loss of bad dietary habits and craving to take place. But as long as you follow the solid meal guidelines in the off weeks, those should still occur.

  2. Other types of training can of course work with the V-Diet. We just want to make sure the workouts revolve around weight training, don’t include excess cardio, and are challenging. You can follow the same basic guidelines as far as rest periods and loads go. That’s the secret to the V-Diet workouts, not necessarily the exact exercise choices. My last ab wheel was $6 at a sporting goods store, so you may want to add one of those to the home gym.

Alright… So I pulled the trigger and my V-Diet supplies are in route!!!

With that, I wanted to start this Monday, however it looks like I’m going to have to push that back until next Monday since my supplies are only getting here on Wednesday, I’m going to use this week to figure out my weights and get myself ready.

I’m going to try my best to avoid traveling the week of the 20th, but what I’m hoping is even if I have to travel, I’ll try to only miss 3 days of the diet, obviously, I’ll tack those 3 days on at the end and do my best to eat the HSM’s in those 3 days. I’m hoping this slight setback will actually help me stay on it for 3 solid weeks if I have to travel longer…

I’ll try to find an ab wheel and, I’m going to look for some weights to make some heavier dumbbells!!!

1 additional question… I play in a band, I’m the drummer… Normally after a gig I’m starving!!! I play till 1 a.m. or a bit later at times, get home around 2-3 - now, this isn’t every night or every weekend, but I’ll probably have at least 2 gigs while on this diet. Should I drink my bedtime shake after the gigs and space my meals a bit differently on days I play? Drink an extra shake those days?


Here we go!!!

I’d have a shake after the show and adjust the daily timing of the shakes to spread them out better. If needed on an unusually long day, add a shake or even a half shake.


Thanks for the quick replies Chris!!!

OK, so I decided to V-Diet… Finishing up Day 2 here, so far so good… I’m surprised how full I am… Having somewhat of a hard time getting the shakes in.

Question - on the Metabolic Drive - the scooper that comes with it. Is a whole scoop the whole scoop or is that a 2 scoop, scoop? If that makes sense… There is like a line on it half way, and I’m wondering if I’m using 4 scoops when I’m only supposed to be using 2…

Let me know…



A “scoop” is filled level to the top of the scoop.

Awesome… Thanks Chris, I think… I was hoping it would be a little less… :slight_smile:

So about Plazma - that stuff rocks!!! I couldn’t get that to mix very well, put it in the fridge for a few minutes and it was all mixed up. I have to believe this is my saving grace. I’m doing the Intermediate V-Diet workout and I thought for sure yesterday and this morning I wouldn’t be able to move because it’s been a while since I pushed it that hard… But I’m doing quite well, feeling pretty good… This might have to become part of my normal diet!!!

So as I mentioned I have to travel for work at times. I desperately tried to avoid it, but I need to travel next week. Either leaving Wednesday night or Thursday morning and will be home probably late Friday night… I work in technology and will be doing route rides with delivery drivers over night, like a 2nd - 3rd shift schedule, but not general 2nd or 3rd shift times. So with that, my schedule (eating and sleeping) is going to be completely hosed. These guys don’t stop and normally these routes are 12 hours long, if not longer. It’s gonna be tough to whip out a blender while riding in a semi…

Any thoughts how to handle this schedule? I’m hoping to get a full day and workout in on Wednesday, but I’ll essentially be off the V-Diet for Thursday and Friday, picking it back up on Saturday and just tacking these 2 days on… Any tips for HSM meals and snacks I can throw in my laptop bag? I will have to eat out, any tips there?

Thanks for any input and all the help thus far…


get a shaker bottle and stop making excuses, there’s no reason you cannot stick to the diet on a 12hr shift on a truck. either start with one premade and reuse the cup for the next 3, or buy 4 shaker bottles and premake all of the shakes. there’s nothing in them that NEEDS to be refrigerated, so if you don’t want to bring a cooler don’t worry about it. you can buy shaker bottles at your local gnc/vitamin shop for about $5.

I am on day 13 of this, I work 12hr shifts in a job that is randomly slow or super active, in and out of a car all day, I haven’t come close to slipping up on this or “missing” anything. if you feel like it will be difficult to accomplish your HSM, you could easily avoid the difficulty by having the HSM on your own before or after this 12hr shift. you don’t need to eat because someone else is eating. you are with this person for 12hrs, get over the fear of their judgement and stick to your guns.

sorry, but it needed to be said. the new version of this diet is very easy to stick to, there’s no reason to not have 100% compliance for 28days.

Yeah… Totally missed the point there… I normally work “day shift” - not a different 2nd or 3rd shift schedule… The truck drivers don’t stop, they eat from a cooler and I could care less what they eat or don’t eat or when for that matter… I have plenty of shaker bottles… The other part of this is, I won’t obviously be able to get the workouts in while I’m traveling…

So, to me, it doesn’t make sense to use up V-Diet supplies when I’m not able to workout…

Believe me, changing your schedule, it isn’t as easy as you may think it is…


no, I didn’t miss the point, I think you did. do your Wednesday workout on Wednesday, as you already said. if you’re back too late to do your Friday workout on Friday, do it Saturday morning. making this small adjustment to the workout schedule will not interrupt the progress of the diet.

I don’t understand your statement about “wasting the vdiet supplies when unable to workout”- the vdiet has 3 weight workouts per week, plus the vburn, and daily NEPA (walks). so if you’re in the truck thurs and fri not able to workout, then they are “off days” and have no Plazma. everything else remains the same. surely you can still get in a NEPA walk. if you absolutely cannot for some reason, well that’s 2 days out of 28, not going to ruin the plan.

as far as adjusting your schedule- oh well? you knew that was YOUR reality before starting this diet. I understand changing schedules, sometimes last minute and randomly. if my schedule changes last minute, clearly my eating times will too. sleep gets fucked for a couple days, and it is what it is.

there’s nothing about your situation that makes sticking to the diet for these two days even remotely difficult. if you don’t do it the only reason will be that the diet is too tough for you mentally and you gave yourself excuses to take a break.

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