Tmetz1226 V-Diet Log


Monday was Day 1.
Weight 146.3
5’ 10.5"

I had a DEXA scan done a couple months ago, and it showed a 28% Body Fat result. I’ve always carried a lot of fat, and competing in long-distance triathlons for the past 8 years hasn’t changed that. I’ve prematurely ended my triathlon season do to a minor injury coupled with lack of motivation, so figured this was the perfect time to try something new. I’ve never done anything this drastic w/my diet, and in the past I would poo-poo’d anyone who did. Moderation hasn’t made big changes, so I’m giving this a go. I feel good about the mental commitment and control. I like that I don’t have to think about what / where to eat for the next 28 days. I love food, and am surprised at my lack of hunger on this diet so far. I’ve been feeling a shaky / low blood sugar type feeling, but not hunger. I’m guessing that feeling will pass as my body transitions into ketosis.

More about how I’m incorporating VDiet into a long-term plan w/triathlon:
You can also access two prior DEXA scans on that blog, and see that 6-8 weeks of eating & training like a monk resulted in only a 2% BF decline, along w/lost muscle (despite weight training every other day).

Deviations from the plan:
Didn’t get the HOT-ROX, otherwise following diet to a T
Will be doing a 2-hr bike ride most Sundays, but at VERY EASY pace (obligated).

I took some pictures for myself on day 1, but will take some “official” before pics later this week - in a way I can replicate throughout to document body changes.

I’m thinking of making tonight my HSM night. If I wait until Sunday, then at the end I’ll be having my HSM the day before the diet ends. Seems like mid-week would be better for getting through this. Any reason I should wait until the weekend? Do most eat after the V-challenge day instead?

Thanks for reading… Tammy


I’m surprised there’s no one talking about Velocity Diet on twitter. No much recourse here. Would be nice to have some support among the group. I did just find the FB page for T-Nation, so maybe there’s more stuff out there I’m just not aware of.

This is the beginning of day 5, and I’m feeling good. Yesterday was tough for some reason. It seemed like everywhere I looked people were eating delicious food, and I hated them for it. Like I said in my prior post, I love food. That being said, I couldn’t force all the PB down before bed last night, and convinced myself I must have spooned up too much. I decided a better place for it might be the roof of my dog’s mouth, which provided several minutes of entertainment. :slight_smile:



Not much interaction here, so I’ve been adding all updates and thoughts to my blog here (in case anyone is reading and just not leaving any feedback):

Day 14. Holding strong.


Wow, never thought of doing this on Twitter. Then again, I don’t usually twitter, but I could use a “diet buddy.” And on a different note, just picked up new road bike. Maybe someday this will move into a tri-bike.