TLM020 V-Diet LOG (Day 1: 8/17/12)


Preparing to embark on my first true V-Diet. I tried it out a couple months ago but at the time was unwilling to fork up the money since I recently moved. So I purchased cheaper alternatives. I had some decent results(280-264, lots of inches lost) but being in a Biking/Car accident midway through the diet, I do believe that I did not achieve the results that I could have.

I have been able to maintain my final results but with my 25th birthday approaching, I want to hit a monumental number, which for me would be 250(for now at least)

Start Date: 8/17/12
**I will take all proper pics/measurements and post next friday.

Current Photo:
Photo from my Heaviest point (about 1.5-2 years ago)


Dayum way to go on the previous weight loss you look great


[quote]JailBa8 wrote:
Dayum way to go on the previous weight loss you look great[/quote]

Thanks a lot. Its been a long road but happy I chose this path rather than continuing the direction i was going. Still a lot of work to do though.


good luck. I just started mine on the 12th of August.


[quote]fleej76 wrote:
good luck. I just started mine on the 12th of August.[/quote]

Thanks, hope all is going well with your diet thus far.

So I’m pretty excited to start my diet tomorrow. Got to go out and get a tape measure tonight so i can take all my measurements tomorrow morning.


All I could think about today was the journey that I am embarking on tomorrow. I’m excited and looking forward to the changes that this will bring about. Had to do some last minute shopping to make sure I had everything but I am now prepared. Had a good “Last Supper,” now off to bed. Waking up a bit early tomorrow to take all my measurements and photos.



Man! you already have a pretty dramatic change. Can’t wait to see what’s next.


[quote]RT wrote:
Man! you already have a pretty dramatic change. Can’t wait to see what’s next.[/quote]



H: 6’3.5
W: 268
Neck: 17.5
Shoulders: 52
Chest Upper: 47
Chest Lower: 44
Waist Navel: 40
Waist Largest: 41
Hips Larges: 41
L Upper Arm: 16.5
R Upper Arm: 17
L Upper Leg: 28.75
R Upper Leg: 29
L Lower Leg: 17.75
R Lower Leg: 17.75
L Ankle: 11
R Ankle: 11

Day 1:Front

Day 1 Side:

Day 1 Back:


Day 1:

NEPA: 20-25 min bike ride to work(Then again home after work). I usually push it to get some good hard cardio in the morning but took a nice casual ride this morning.

Doing the intermediate program. Good first day

Started off this morning with 2 HOT-ROX and a Multi-Vitamin
Then 2 scoops of Surge-Recovery during/after my workout.

Taking my first shake at 8:30am and planning on having my last shake at 7:00 pm.
Gonna just space the shakes out evenly through that time period. Forgot to bring
my Flax intor work today so will go with out that for the day.

On my bike ride into work this morning, I reflected on the excitement and anticipation
I felt last night and tried to think back to other times in my life when I felt this way.
I came to the conclusion that there were two other times in my life where I had a similar
feeling. 1: Christmas Eve 2: The whole week leading up to Thanksgiving as a kid.


Day 2:

Feeling good today. Not too hungry. Was planning on going for a bike ride for my NEPA today but the rain kinda ruined those plans. So, with me moving in Sept, I decided a trip to Ikea was in order.

Todays NEPA= 1.5 hours walking around Ikea. If it clears up some planning on going on a bike ride later today.

Workout: None today. Gonna do some stretching and ab work later before my last shake


Day 3:

Diet: Good day today with the shakes. No hunger Issues.

Workout: None today. Again some stretching and ab work before my last shake.

Nepa: No long walks or bike rides today. Lot of prep for my upcoming move so there was a lot of shopping, moving stuff around and packing.


Day 4:

Had a real hard time getting to sleep last night. Not hunger or anything, just couldn’t fall asleep. I think i took my send dose of HOT-ROX alot later than i usually do and that my have something to do with it. The weekends for me are hard on this diet cause it is then that you really need to find ways to fill your day.

Diet: Going well so far today. No real hunger issues. Had a slight mix up with the number of scoops for my first shake but just placed the missing scoop in the end shake.

NEPA: As every other work day. Nepa includes the 20-25 min bike ride to and from work. Also planning on going on a small walk during lunch since I’ll have some extra time there.

Workout: Good work out this morning. Did some jump conditioning to warm up. Added some arm work when i was done with the planned stuff.


Day 5:

Diet: Going Strong. Again no real issues with hunger today. I had previously omitted the nut butter for the first couple days but after getting set straight by Chris, had my first last shake with nut butter last night and WOW, was that a good shake. For my last shakes during the week, I’ve been using my roommates Vitamix blender and blending it together with ICE and I almost feel guilty on how good it is sometimes.

Workout: My main schedule is MWFS so off today. planning on getting some stretching and ab work tonight before my last shake

NEPA: like every other day, 2 25 min bike rides(to/from work). Added some today when i got in today. Did 30 mins on the treadmill with an increasing incline up to 18% ( peaking at the 20 min mark and then back down) and keeping the speed around 3.5mph.


Day 6: Still having some issues getting to bed, but it is getting better.

Diet: Good day today so far. I still haven’t had any issues with hunger. I’m sure the “bug” will hit me sooner or later but have been lucky enough to avoid it so far. Today is my HSM day. Salmon (wild caught), Sauerkraut (half German and love this stuff), Veggies. Potentially going to make a small almond cake for desert if i have time. Really looking forward to it.

Workout: Had a good work out today. Miss read the workout plan so was off a little as far as the number of reps, but other than that a great workout. Included a jump/agility circuit for my warm up. Additional abs/arm work after. Planning on doing some stretching and abs tonight before my last shake

Nepa: As always, 2 25 min bike rides. I pushed my bike ride this morning a little but so it was under 25 mins but the intensity was far higher than it usually is. Picking up some furniture today so I’ll include that as some nepa as I’m walking/lift in/carrying stuff.


Day 7:

Diet: Good day so far. The “bug” has really been getting me today. Have been getting hungry in between shakes and this hasn’t happened up until now. Had a great HSM yesterday.
Salmon, Pork ( had some left over ), Sauerkraut, and quinoa/almond butter mix for desert.

Workout: Off Day. Ab/stretching tonight before my last shake.

NEPA: 2 25 min bike ride to and from work. 30 min elliptical this morning.


Day 8: Yesterday continued to be a tough day. Hungry all day, tired, sore. It was really the first time I was faced with any of these problems thus far. But, today is a new day and What a day it has been thus far. A good start to the diet, But still A LONG WAY TO GO. But days like this really allow you to keep going and pushing through.

Workout: Great work out this morning. Agility/Jump circuit to warm up. Then continued with the intermediate level plan.

Diet: Hopefully I wont have any issues with hunger today. Considering getting some nicotine gum to help with that for the remainder of the diet.

NEPA: 2 25 min bike rides. Possibly going for a walk later to clear my head.

Starting |||| Week 1
H: 6’3.5 |||| 6’3.5
W: 268 |||| 256
Neck: 17.5 |||| 17.5
Shoulders: 52 |||| 52
Chest Upper: 47 |||| 46
Chest Lower: 44 |||| 43
Waist Navel: 40 |||| 39
Waist Largest:41 |||| 40
Hips Largest: 41 |||| 40
L Upper Arm: 16.5 |||| 16.5
R Upper Arm: 17 |||| 17
L Upper Leg: 28.75 |||| 28
R Upper Leg: 29 |||| 28.5
L Lower Leg: 17.75 |||| 17.5
R Lower Leg: 17.75 |||| 17.5
L Ankle: 11 |||| 10.5
R Ankle: 11 |||| 10.5

Front After Week 1


Side After Week 1


Back After Week 1



Day 9:

Diet:Good so far. Finished my shakes a lil early yesterday so i could get to bed and rest up. Was a little burnt out. So that helped avoid some hunger issues later in the night. My main goal is to stay as busy as possible today to keep my mind off eating. I found last weekend tougher than the week because I am not busy at work so i have to find things to do to fill my time.

Workout: First V-Burn Challenge. Pretty challenging. I really wanted to get a good first time to push myself to improve these next couple weeks. Finished in a little over 24 mins. Kinda disappointed as I was shooting for 18-20 mins.

NEPA: Workout was at my office building so had a nice 25 min bike ride to and from the gym. Planning on going on another bike ride later today. Possible Ikea trip again so that’ll be about 2-3 hours of walking around


Day 10:

Diet: With nothing to keep my mind busy, had a couple times where the hunger was getting to me. I’m finding that either adding a bunch of ice to get a slushy texture or heating up the shakes is really helping keep my mind off the fact that its just shake after shake after shake.

Workout: OFF Day. Did a little stretching/abs but mainly just rested up.

NEPA: Short bike ride. Other than that this Sunday was a “day of rest”


Day 11:

Diet: All good so far today. As it is a Monday and I am at work, hunger never seems to be an issue. I stay busy and keep my mind occupied. This is however progress from before the diet, cause even while at work, i often found myself wanting to snack on something, ALL THE TIME, when at work. I can see that kind of thing with many of my coworkers as almost everyone has “snacks on snacks” at their desks.

Workout: Great work out this morning. Felt strong. Still slightly hampered with shoulder pain, but that is almost completely faded and getting back to normal. Added some extra ab and arm work to the end of my workout. Stretching and Ab work to precede my final shake.

Nepa: As always, 2 25 min bike rides to and from work. Probably wont do any extra today as I’ll be busy getting ready for my move later this week.


Day 12: Trouble Continues. After having very few, if any issues with hunger the first week, which truthfully surprised me, I have been having small bouts here and there so far the past couple days. Today has been pretty bad so far, but is getting better. Looking forward to the rest of the week, as I will be so busy, I wont have time to worry about food or being hungry, so the shakes will be greatly appreciated then. Looking for another strong week with the scale and measurements to keep me focused. I am finding some improvement with the workouts so that is a def plus and keeping me going.

Diet: Wednesday is my designated HSM day but I wont be able to do it tomorrow or the rest of the week so I am moving it to today. And might I add that it is definitely needed today. Pork, Veg, Quinoa. Last of my left over “real food.” Think its time for some fresh fish next week ( counting down the days )

Workout: Off day. Abs and stretching this morning and to be repeated tonight.

Nepa: 2 25 min bike rides. 20 mins on treadmill at 10% incline @ 3.5 mph