TLM V-Diet Log III (Start: 6/15)

Tomorrow I will be starting up my 3rd iteration of the V-Diet. It has been about a year and a half since my last run though. I’ve been maintaining a rather healthy lifestyle this whole time, but am seeing some old demons rearing their ugly heads up both in the form of eating habits & body image issues. So its time to re-evaluate my goals, fix my habits/diet/etc/etc, and ‘get back going.’

Why the v-diet:
*Great Kickstarter to cut fat and get yourself in gear
*Great way to break some bad eating habits that are starting to form
*The mental aspect is HUGE, and for my, by far the Greatest reward from completing the full 6+ weeks.(I say six plus for an extended transition)

I will input my Measurements, Weights, And Photos tomorrow. I’ll be posting every day, including information on meals, sleep, workout(s), thoughts, issues, successes and just about anything running though my mind at the time.

Day 1 Post 1

Body Fat:-----?
Upper Arm(L):-18
Upper Arm®:-18.5
Upper Leg(L):-29.5
Upper Leg®:-29.5
Lower Leg(L):-18.5
Lower Leg®:-18.5

Day 1 Post 2

Diet: So timing is everything and my timing couldn’t have been any worse with the start of this diet. I am working in vegas this weekend, so was up early this morning to catch a flight. Then, as soon as I arrived, was put straight to work. My shakes were on an “iffy” schedule and I might have had some extra p.butter with my final shake. Besides the addition to my final shake, I was very bad at staying hydrated today, which is something i really have to work on.
1st shake: 6:00 am (eastern time)
2nd shake: 8:30 am (eastern time)
3rd shake: 1:30 pm (western time)
4th shake: 5:00 pm (western time)
5th shake: 8:30 pm (western time) + a plentiful amount of peanut butter
Tomorrow will be another interesting day BUT will be able to maintain a normal shake schedule all in the same timezone. I will be on my feet, working and help facilitate the combine. I should have no issue taking a break here and there for a shake. I think my biggest priority will be to make sure that i am hydrating.

Workout: With the crazy schedule today, I’d hoped to get in the gym at 10, when I finally was out of my last meeting. Unfortunately, the hotel i am staying in doesn’t believe in 24 hour fitness centers. With the length of my day today, I will chalk this up as an off day and get a workout in early tomorrow before I have to get to work.

Thoughts: Its pretty frustrating to already have a minor blip on my v-diet with the p.butter tonight, but after the length of my day, I could care less. I am looking forward to the next few days.

Pushing on and staying positive.

Day 5 Post 1.

Well, my plan on having a daily post surely fell off while I was working but I’m finally back and ready to continue. There were a couple hickups over the past few days, but overall I am very happy with how it turned out. Now back to the grind as they say!

Spending an all nighter in the casino, then going straight to your 6 hour flight doesn’t leave much time for workout out so will pick up with everything tomorrow. Have had 2 shakes today, but a little more was needed on the crazy day/night I had. I did however not drink any alcohol so there is a silver lining. I’m interested to see what my first checkpoint weigh in will be after this partial v-diet week. While my eating wasnt consistent as far as timing etc, I did force myself to go down and get some cardio in after my long days.

Ready for some normalcy tomorrow.

Day 6

Diet: FINALLY! Back to it. Consistent with my shakes all day. No problems with hunger

Workout: Today I just did some cardio. Probably a little much for the vdiet but felt pretty good to get a sweat in. (60 Min Bike,30 Min Stair Master)

Thoughts: It was really nice to get back to a normal day after my crazy busy week in vegas. Actually pretty pumped as I have a competition tomorrow which will consist of atlas stones, sled pulls, tractor pulls, sand bag obstacle runs, and a 3 movement chipper workout.

Day 7

Diet: Stayed strong with the shakes today. All though I was out at a farm for a competition, I kept a pretty consistent shake schedule through the day.

Workout: Today I took part in a 4 person Team competition which consisted of 4 workouts. I still felt pretty energized considering I’m on the calorie restrictive v-diet.
1)Sled pulls, Atlas Stone ground to over shoulder
2)Tractor pull for time
3)Chipper Workout (50 Thrusters, 75 Box Jump-Overs, 50 Clean & Jerks)
4)50 50lb Sand bag airsquats followed by obstacle run with bag

Thoughts: Just going to continue to go through the diet and deal with my demons as they present themselves. Today was a good boost for my confidence as we took 2nd in the competition and I did pretty well myself. My body is also finally getting back to normal after the long vegas trip. It def took more of a toll on my body than i thought. Tomorrow will be my first check point weigh in. I’m hoping for a good first week but also an not getting my hopes up as I know how much stress can affect weight loss, and the Vegas trip sure was a stressful one.

Keep on Keeping on

Day 8: Checkpoint Week 1

------------Starting ---- Week 1
Weight:-------273.8 ---- 260.1
Height:-------6’3.5" ---- 6’3.5"
Body Fat:-----? ---- ?
Neck:---------17.5 ---- 17.5
Shoulders:----53.5 ---- 51
Chest:--------48 ---- 46
Waist(N):-----41.5 ---- 39.0
Waist(L):-----42.0 ---- 39.5
Hips(L):------44 ---- 44
Upper Arm(L):-18 ---- 18
Upper Arm®:-18.5 ---- 18.5
Upper Leg(L):-29.5 ---- 28.5
Upper Leg®:-29.5 ---- 28.5
Lower Leg(L):-18.5 ---- 18.25
Lower Leg®:-18.5 ---- 18.25
Ankle(L):-----11.75 ---- 11.75
Ankle®:-----11.75 ---- 11.75

Thoughts: Although the weight is not the primary goal for this challenge, its a good thing to see. Seeing some inches drop as well which is a good start. Excited to see what is in store for the rest of this challenge.

Day 8 Post 1

Diet: Shakes up to and through ride. 2 cliff bars at midway point break.
Nuts post ride.

Workout: Welp, per usual doing a little more than I should on the diet. Went for my first Century Ride(100 Miles)
Ride Stats:
Time: 6:18 (*riding time. There were a couple pit stops and a midway break)
Miles: 98.9 (Still gonna count it as its my first)
Average Speed: 15
Max Speed: 35

Thoughts: Looking forward to work and a strict schedule. I find it easier to maintain the shake schedule when i have something to fill my time throughout the day. I think that will be the biggest thing i look to gain through this challenge; The mental edge and control over eating that I had gained from my previous runs. Plans for tomorrow will include early morning cardio (30-60 mins) and some more cardio (90-120 mins) + body weight workout in the PM.

Keep in Keeping on

Day 9 Post 1

Diet: Great with shakes today. They kept me satiated throughout the day, so that is all I can really ask for. I have also been good about drinking water, which is surprisingly usually a hard thing for me.

Workout: Today was a light cardio day. Legs were def feeling it after the competition on Saturday and then the Century ride on Sunday. Kept it to 45 mins med resistance elliptical (better on joints), followed by a 5000 row at 1:47 pace. Had a 10 min cool down stretching sesh post row to loosen up a bit. This week I’m going to be following a different sort of workout plan sticking generally to body weight movements and all in Tabatta format.

Thoughts: I’m pretty happy with the shakes and lack of hunger today. Looking to have a strong second week after a shaky first week with my vegas trip.

Keep on Keeping on

Day 10 Post 1

Diet: Great on shakes today. Got a bit hungry in between shakes in the afternoon, but a quick cup of tea solved that. Was good about drinking water today. Energy levels are good throughout the day so all in all I’m feeling good.

Workout:(AM) Went for a nice short run to start the day. 3.04mi @8:32 pace
(PM)Started out with ~20 mins of mobility, 60 min treadmill 11% incline @3mph. Finish off with some core work before heading to bed.


Keep on Keeping On

Day 11 Post 1

Diet: Everything went great today with the shakes as far as sticking to the schedule. Had some hunger issues again mid day, but nothing a cup of tea couldn’t solve.

(AM)Went for a quick run to loosen up. 1.75mi @ a 8:10 pace. Followed it with some stretching etc.
(PM)60 min elliptical intervals, followed by some shoulder mobility and Snatch/OHS work. Even though I’m taking some time off the weights, still need to work on my technique form. After this week will slowly get back into more active training as far as weights are concerned.

Thoughts: Everything is going well. Happy with results thus far, still anxious to see the results of my Sunday checkpoint measurement/weigh in.

Keep on Keeping on

Day 12 Log 1

Diet: HSM DAY! Decided on lunch for my meal this week. Salad, flat bread pizza (mushrooms, Artichoke, onions), and some hummus. Shakes - Good

(AM) Run 3.5 mi @ 9:30 pace
(PM) Off

Thoughts:Another good day. To be completely honest, I needed the HSM today. Both for the enhanced energy following it as well as to curb my appetite for the next week. Those midday cravings were getting to me. Looking forward to another week, and hoping for a stronger showing on my side.

Keep on Keeping on

Day 13/14

Diet: A couple rough spots during the day, but I think that is more as a result of this being the day after the HSM. Approaching the halfway point so happy with the progress so far.

Workout: Took the morning off. Went into the gym after work. 60 mins Bike, 30 mins stair master.

Diet: Good day. Felt a little bloated today, most likely from the HSM. Tried drinking extra water today to help out with the feeling. Other than that, shakes went well today.

Workout: Today was an off day.

Thoughts: Bloating is a hell of a mental killer. Def puts some doubt in your mind. Tomorrow will be the second check in with measurements, so interested to see how it goes.

Keep on Keeping on

Day 15: Checkpoint Week 2

Body Fat:-----?--------?-----------?
Upper Arm(L):-18-------18----------18
Upper Arm®:-18.5-----18.5--------18.5
Upper Leg(L):-29.5-----28.5--------28
Upper Leg®:-29.5-----28.5--------28
Lower Leg(L):-18.5-----18.25-------18.25
Lower Leg®:-18.5-----18.25-------18.25

Thoughts: Woke up still feeling a bit bloated. Giving it some more thought, and realized I have been a bit backed up since Friday. Will keep be sure to keep up with my drinking extra water and hopefully that’ll help. Not too happy with the checkpoint this week, but nonetheless gonna keep at it and finish this out. hopeing to finish strong in these next two weeks, drop some more lbs & inches.

Day 15 Post

Diet: Shakes went well today until my last two shakes. I ran out of protein at home and didn’t feel like going into my office to get some. Decided eating a bit of extra P.Butter would suffice for the day. Have more coming in the mail tomorrow so will be covered from now on. Looking back, I prob should have ordered the complete supply all in one shot. Additionally, I also started taking Hydroxycut SX-7 today. Initially started the diet without taking anything. Will try to add my thoughts on this product from now on in my logs.

Workout: Went on an AM run. 4.6 mi @ 8:15 pace. Recently changed gyms and the gym I’m currently using is closed on Sundays( REALLY sucks ). Nepa included cleaning, rearranging furniture etc etc, as I was past due on my “spring cleaning”

Thoughts:The bloated feeling finally went away through the day. Actually weighed myself, and was at 159 later in the day. Not a huge deal but mentally was a relief. The SX7 was quite strong, and I def felt the effects. Am looking forward to the addition of this over the next month or so.

Day 22: Checkpoint Week 3

Have been quite busy lately and have been neglecting my posts, but here is my 3rd checkpoint measurements. I’m feeling good about the progress, and happy to be half way. Just 1 more week of the Diet and then 2+ transition weeks. I’ve grown to like the simplicity of the shakes far more than I have in the past, so I’m considering extending the transition period out a couple weeks.

Body Fat:-----?--------?-----------?-----------?
Upper Arm(L):-18-------18----------18----------18
Upper Arm®:-18.5-----18.5--------18.5--------18.5
Upper Leg(L):-29.5-----28.5--------28----------28
Upper Leg®:-29.5-----28.5--------28----------28
Lower Leg(L):-18.5-----18.25-------18.25-------18.00
Lower Leg®:-18.5-----18.25-------18.25-------18.00

-down 17.7 pounds ** Goal sub 250 by Trans. Week 2
-down 13.0 inches ** Goal lose additional inches in midsection

Keep on Keeping on

Moving forward:

I’m finding myself missing my daily posts far too often so will revert to a weekly update on Sundays following my updated measurements. Everything has been going well thus far, and I am finding the addition of they hydroxycut sx-7 to help ALOT.

Moving past the V-Diet:
I plan on extending the transition phase according to the following plan:
TW1: HSM Day 1,5
TW2: HSM Day 2,5
TW3: HSM Day 1,3,5,7
TW4: HSM Day 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
TW5: HSM Day 1*,2,3*,4,5*,6,7* (*'s indicate 2 HSMs)
TW6: 2 HSMs Day 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

… And so on from there until I find the Best combination of HSMs & Shakes throughout the week. I am thinking of it depending on my training schedule which is also still TBD. During the vdiet, I have abstained from tons of weight lifting due to some personal stuff, but plan on getting back on the ‘horse’ later this summer. Before doing so I want to have my diet/eating regimen completely figured out.

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