TKDCadet's V-Diet Blog (Completed 4/12)

Hey all -

Been lurking around the V-Diet blogs and I’m giving it another shot. I wasn’t successful the first time around due to not using the right supplements and lack of motivation. I originally started at 260+lb and am looking forward to achieving and maintaining my goals of visible abs :slight_smile:

Started the V-Diet at 189.6lb after a quick bulk from 174.2. I started on 03/16 and am a week in, thought I’d post my progress

Start: 189.6lb
Week 1: 178.0lb

I can tell on the side view, not so much on the front, but I can definitely tell it’s working this time around :slight_smile:

Side view

Good progress so far!

How are the measurements?

Woke up late this morning and only had time to snap the two pics, so I’ll take some measurements tomorrow a.m.

took measurements this morning, put them immediately in the reply box as I took them, then I was a dumbass and hit reset instead of submit. Will take more tomorrow.

Today (Day 9) is the first day I’ve been short on energy since I started. Had to nap during lunch today and have just been exhausted all day, even with a full dose of HOT-ROX. I’m sure once I get to the gym, I’ll be good to go. Just need a little motivation to make it through the last hour at work.

Height - 6"
Weight - 176.6 (189.6 start)
Neck - 16"
Shoulders - 48"
Chest - Upper - 41"
Chest - Lower - 38"
Waist - at Navel - 32.25"
Waist - at largest - 33.75"
Hips - at largest - 36"
Upper Arm - L - 14.5"
Upper Arm - R - 14.75"
Upper Leg - L - 23"
Upper Leg - R - 22.5"
Lower Leg - L - 14.5"
Lower Leg - R - 13.5"
Ankle - L - 9"
Ankle - R - 8.75"

Day 10

So I haven’t been feeling nearly as hungry today, which is good I guess. Did my dinner shake half vanilla, half SR raspberry and it was like candy, my PWO was half chocolate, half SR, and just as good if not better. Is it okay to do that? split up my Surge Recovery into two shakes, as long as the end-day resulting servings is the same for both Surge and MD?

Nice change in weight there. Great job so far!

Wow! Kudos to you on the weight loss!

those are some impressive numbers…good job

Starting day 11:

Finally got a full night’s sleep after not sleeping well the past 2 nights. Totally passed out by 8:30 and woke up at 6:30, just in time to get to work, hah! But MAN do I feel refreshed!

Seeing progress every day, it’s insane how fast this diet strips off fat!

Ending Day 11:

sipping on my last shake of the day, I’m smiling my way through it, knowing I’ll be one step closer to the body I want.

That is all :oP

[quote]TKDCadet04 wrote:
Ending Day 11:

sipping on my last shake of the day, I’m smiling my way through it, knowing I’ll be one step closer to the body I want.

That is all :oP[/quote]


Starting Day 12:

Ok, interesting experience last night. As a lot of you fellow V-Dieters have noticed, the sense of smell, especially to food, has become a lot more sensitive. Well the girl that lives below me was making dinner last night as I was trying to go to bed (I have to be in the office at 7 and she’s 2nd shift) and our kitchen vents are connected apparently.

Anyways, I can usually only smell what she’s cooking while I’m in my kitchen. Last night, in my bed on the opposite side of the apt, the smell of her pork chops got to me. Holy hell did they smell good. Just pulled my covers over my head and tried to go back to sleep, but damn if I wasn’t tempted to go grab some food! HSM tomorrow! so happy about it, too!

Happy Friday!

TDK you did good. Are you having a nice lean pc. of pork today with HSM?

haha, nah. tomorrow, I’m debating between steak or a chicken breast, broccoli and a sweet potato…and salvidating at the thought of it!

Mmm steak. Chicken. Fish. Potatoes. Dogfood. Anything.

god, seriously.

just gotta wait 1 more day.

Thanks for the welcome to the forum.

Another March 16th start date guy… a few of us floatin around these pages.

Looks like we may have very similar goals, to just strip off that last bit of fat and enter the world of ripped. You’re obviously well on your way.

What are your plans for post transition diet and training wise?

I’ll be keepin an eye on your progress!

Man I know how you feel about the lack of sleep thing. I’ve had my nights of just tossing and turning, finally I usually get up and read or check the 3am sports center. Keep up the good work. Your entering what I thought was the toughest part, its all worth it in the end!!

Thanks 31,

There’s a 10k that a bunch of my friends are doin tomorrow, so they had a big pasta dinner. Was kinda weird to no eat anything there, so I used my broken toe as an excuse to bail.

And yeah, it’s finally getting tough. Luckily, HSM tomorrow. Yay for sanity! haha :slight_smile:

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