Tirith's Log

I ordered my package on Friday after I had maintained being under 265 for a week. It came in today. I went out and purchased a digital camera for photos, tailor’s cloth tape for body measurements, and I checked the batteries on my scale, food scale, and electronic body fat tester (I’m too fat for calipers) to make sure they would last.

I purchased two jars of Fiber Choice Sugar Free Tablets, three jars of organic natural peanut butter, and two packs of GNC Cold-Milled Organic Flax Seed.

I have the meal sheet printed with gram weights written next to the scoop counts for each meal. I purchased tupperware containers and numbered them with a sharpie for the meal they are going to contain each day. I have a shaker in my car, a blender in my home, and another shaker at work.

The workout sheets are printed. I have reviewed all the exercises and know what I must do. I know where all the equipment I will be needing is located in the gym I will be using.

The plan:
Velocity Diet 3.0 for a 265 pound male that is 25 years old
Beginner’s Workout Program on Wednesday, Friday, Sunday (V-Burn Challenge), Monday
Healthy Solid Meal Days on Tuesdays for lunch starting on 8/18/9 (7th, 14th, 21st, 28th day).
NEPA - Walking an hour upon waking, parking in the farthest spots, stairs instead of elevators, using far restrooms, Magnificent Mobility in the evenings.

My only deviation is switching the order of the V-Burn Challenge to handle not being at work (AKA away from the work gym) on Sundays.

I’ll play with camera positioning tonight for the beginning shots. I am going to do evening postings for daily updates. I haven’t been this excited about my diet and exercise in months.

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day…

I did my measurements and am heading out the door on my NEPA walk. I just hope my camera battery charges back up enough while I’m out for the before pictures.

Welcome Tirith ,

May fortune and glory follow you on your quest for an elfishly lean body :slight_smile:

BTW: Just wondering , is your name Tirith based on the novel “Lord of the Rings” ?

Kind regards AndreP

AndreP, aye, it is from the Elvish word.

Woke up at 6, weighed and measured myself to get the starting stats. Got the before pictures.

NEPA Walk: 45 minutes at 3.3 MPH on 3.0 incline on the treadmill. I tried 3.5 for a while but kept having to jog a bit to keep up. Hopefully, I’ll learn to walk faster from this.

Meals: 7:30, 10:30, 2:00, 5:15
Post-Workout: 6:30

Projected Last meal: 8:30

DB Squat 9, 10, 14, 7 @ 1x80 pounds
DB Bench Press 9, 9, 8, 7, 7 @ 2x50 pounds
DB Bent-Over Row 10, 10, 10, 10 @ 2x40 pounds
Plank Hold 60s, 45s

Additional NEPA: stairs, far parking spot, far restrooms, shaking my shakes in a martini shaker, and I plan on doing Magnificent Mobility tonight.

So I ended up falling asleep from about 20 minutes after I made my post until 10:30. Popped the last shake, fiber, and fish oil at 10:30. Walked around for a bit before heading back to sleep. I never did Magnificent Mobility.

NEPA walk was 1 hour at 3.4 MPH on 3.0 incline this morning. I have ultimate frisbee tonight and am going to do Magnificent Mobility afterward when I get home.

Holy shit am I tired! I feel great at the same time! I am in control of this thing. I brought in donuts to work today. It was fun to watch everyone else eating them while thinking about my upcoming chocolate protein shake.

Meals: 7:30, 10:30, 1:30, 5:00
Projected meal: 8:00

Ultimate frisbee kicked my ass today. Some of my friends commented, “You definitely stopped running a lot earlier than normal.” I am tired, but I will handle this and be fine.

Switching to the V-Diet cut my carbohydrate intake to around 1/3 and 1/2 of what it normally was. I maintained around 225g carbs, 97g fat, and 250g protein on my typical diet. V-Diet has me rocking 74g and 125g carbohydrates, depending on the day. I’m on half my fat intake as well.

I really do love it, though. It’s so easy to just check a sheet right now. “Did I eat this meal?” Yes. “Am I doing this workout?” Yes. No planning on my part for 26 more days. I know what I’m doing for each HSM in advance. I haven’t mapped it all out for the transition period, but I will the day before it starts.

Sounds like your kicking some butt there tirith. I bet after you drop some weight on this vdiet, youll feel like your floating around that ultimate frisbee field. When are we going to see the beginning shots?

I was a little scared today since I hurt my back around October of last year doing deadlifts (poor form, I’m an idiot and got in a hurry). I haven’t done a deadlift since that wasn’t either single leg or involving one kettlebell (at most 45 pounds). I’ve been feeling great on the back front these days so I figured I’d give the Romanian deadlift from today’s workout a go ahead.

Meals: 8:00, 11:00, 2:00, 5:15, 8:15 (I’m eating the last one as I type)
Post-Workout: 6:45

NEPA: I used the elliptical this morning since the treadmills were all taken. Averaged 90-100 strides per minute, level 5 difficulty and heartrate around 130-140. I also practiced some frisbee throws with a friend after I finished working out this evening.

Romanian Deadlift @ 135 pounds - 12, 12, 10, 10, 6
Lat Pulldown Underhand Grip - 7 @195 pounds, 14, 9, 6, 6, 8 all @ 150 pounds
Standing Shoulder Press Dumbbells - 17 @ 2x20 pounds, 14 @ 2x25 pounds, 10, 7, 4 @ 2x30 pounds
Side Plank Hold - 40s Right Side, 40s Left Side, 30s Right Side, 30s Left Side

I liked deadlifting again. If my back handles it for the next two days then I will continue with the Sumo Deadlift on Monday. If it does bother me, I’ll switch over to single leg stuff.

I also used a blender and ice to make the two shakes I get to eat at home today. It really does make it feel like a meal. Not to mention it has some texture.

jeffthemaximum, I plan on revealing the initial measurements on Wednesday when I do the first week measurements so one can see the change. The pictures I am saving for side-by-side aftershot reveal.

Meals: 9, 12, 3, 6, and 11:30.
I went to see a movie with friends and didn’t feel like sneaking the shake in. District 9 was pretty nifty, though the previews made it seem a lot more action-oriented than it really was.

NEPA today wasn’t a prescribed time on the treadmill or elliptical. Instead, most of my day since 9 was spent doing things around the apartment. I went through the cupboards and removed a lot of stuff, laundry, shopped for cleaning supplies, took out the trash about 4 times.

At this point I have now made it successfully through work days and non-work days. If at any point for the next 24 days I have doubts or feel my willpower wavering, I just have to remember this moment and know I can reduplicate it.

P.S. I can smell EVERYTHING now. I walked through the food court of the mall that the movie theatre was located in and couldn’t believe all the scents.

[quote]Tirith wrote:

At this point I have now made it successfully through work days and non-work days. If at any point for the next 24 days I have doubts or feel my willpower wavering, I just have to remember this moment and know I can reduplicate it.


I like your thinking there.

I’m doing the V-Burn challenge as my 3rd workout due to my gym being at work. I just did my first one today. I know that regardless of what happens, I am going to develop some shoulders out of this shit, regardless of restricted calories and muscle synthesis biochemistry. I am going to walk away with some shoulders in 24 more days.

Why? Hand Walkout from the knees. Push-ups. Pike push-ups. Mountain climbers. Holy fuck do I weigh a lot!

I started a stop-watch when I started the challenge. I wrote down the time on the watch when I completed each circuit.

V-Burn Challenge:
1- 5:35
2- 13:24
3- 23:18
4- 36:50
5- 53:00

There were no prescribed rest periods but I ended up having to divide the pike push-ups into 3 sets by the last two rounds 4/3/3 since I couldn’t maintain form and was shaking like hell. It was an awesome feeling.

Meals: 8:30, 11:30, 2:00, 5:00, 9:15

NEPA: I went bouldering at my climbing gym. I’ve also been working on the apartment and cleaning things out. It’s odd, but with my free time from not eating I have been stripping out things I don’t need from my apartment like I’m stripping off fat I don’t need from my body.

Willpower Exertion Exercise: After climbing, my friends went to Red, Hot, and Blue for dinner. I went along to provide company while drinking water and black coffee. I was starving since I had not had my last shake of the day and had just gotten done climbing. I survived it so I’m pretty sure I can survive anything now.

hey tirith, just stumbled on your blog, things seem to be going well so far, keep it up man and keep posting!

Thanks, dshroy. Continue rocking and congratulations on making it to the transition.

So for the weekends I didn’t really do prescribed NEPA since I maintained a higher state of physical activity from housework and all that compared to my normal job. I think I will do the prescribed NEPA anyway on the following weekends regardless of rock climbing or frisbee or general house cleaning.

NEPA: 60 minutes on the elliptical again. I do 5 minutes forward, 10 minutes backward alternating and maintained 97 strides per minute average. My heartrate was around 135-140 each time I checked it on the 10 minute markers.

Meals: 7:40, 11:00, 2:00, 5:00, (8:00)
Post-Workout: 6:15

Deadlift - Sumo Stance: 9,9,9,8,7 @ 135
Incline DB Bench Press - Neutral Grip: 11 @ 40x2, 7,6,5,6,5 @ 45x2
Lat Pulldown - Wide Grip: 8,7,7,6,5,4,4 @ 135
Plank Hold: 60s, 25s, 15s

My core was shot by the time I got to the plank so I don’t know what was up. The 25s hold seemed like an eternity. I really am enjoying deadlifting again and while I do not intend to increase any weight while on the V-Diet, I will return it to my normal lifting protocols after I finish the transition and start working on increasing weight.

Tomorrow is HSM day! My current plan is Chicken Out. Sides - Hand Cut Fresh Fruit Salad, Steamed Vegetable Medley. Main dish is either going to be Boneless, Skinless Chicken Fillets or 1/4 Chicken White Meat, No Skin. I am open to suggestions from other people. I plan on doing restaurants for the main 28 day cycle and then switching to cooking my own stuff during the transition.

Hey Tirith, I am with you on the deadlifiting, I love that lift. I used to do a lot of cleans and snatches, too. Doing the vdiet and pulling some weight off the ground is making me remember just how powerful those heavy and explosive lifts make ya feel. Enjoy the HSM brother.

Thanks, jeffthemaximum. I had never done serious weight training before June 18th, 2008. That’s when I started my initial weight loss efforts. I hurt my back in October doing deadlifts with poor form and had to go through some serious physical therapy to recover. I’ve never done cleans and snatches other than kettlebell versions.

NEPA: 60 minutes on the elliptical, 1.72 miles, level 7

My morning shake is done, and with it, the first entire container of Metabolic Drive Strawberry from my order. Another container (Chocolate) will empty this evening. It will probably be another two days before the Vanilla one empties. Both the Strawberry and Chocolate were getting hit for 5 scoops per day. The Vanilla is only dishing out 3 per day.

Meals: 7:40, 11:15 (HSM), 4:15 (I was seriously stuffed), 6:50, 10:00

6:50 was right before my climbing class and 10:00 was right after my climbing class. My HSM was Grilled Chicken Fillets from Chicken Out with Steamed Vegetables and Hand Cut Fresh Fruit Salad. I now know to just get one side next time since it was a struggle to put it all away. IT WAS THE BEST MEAL OF MY ENTIRE LIFE! I was extremely full until around 4 when I was able to eat again.

The receipt and meal are in the shots above. It was amazing. I also took pictures of what everyone else was eating, but I’m sleepy so I’ll have to post those some other day.

NEPA: 60 minutes on the treadmill at 3.0 incline and 3.5 MPH.

And here are the first round of numbers. All distances are measured in inches. All weights are measured in pounds. All measurements are taken on Wednesday mornings immediately after using the restroom upon waking. The top number is the day one measurement. The bottom number is the day eight measurement.

Waist-at Navel:
Waist-at largest:
Hips-at largest:
Upper Arm-L:
Upper Arm-R:
Upper Leg-L:
Upper Leg-R:
Lower Leg-L:
Lower Leg-R:

Meals: 7:45, 11:00, 2:00, 5:30, 9:30
Post-Workout: 6:40

DB Squat: 10,10,10,10 @ 100x1
DB Bench Press: 11,10,8,6,5 @ 50x2
DB Bent-Over Row: 10,8,8,7,6,5 @ 50x2
Plank Hold: 61s, 36s

I have been developing superpowers while undergoing this diet. The first was my ability to smell food from much farther away. Now, I have an internal 3 hour clock.
“Is it 2 o’clock?”
“Yeah, it just turned over as I looked at it. Why?”
“My stomach just rumbled.”

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