Tirith's Log - The Third

Truth be told, I’m on day 27 already, so I won’t have much to put here anymore. I just wanted to make this so I can check it from my HUB in the training logs section if I ever need to.

Diet Plan: 11 scoops per day or VDietMenu4.pdf.
Training Plan: I continued on my 3-day per week Upper Body Pull/Legs/ Upper Body Push split for the main cycle. Tomorrow I’ll be switching to a 3x per week Total Body plan. It is Waterbury, but not one of the V-Diet ones.

Starting weight and Body Fat: 219 and 17.7
Day 27 weight and body fat: 201.4 and 14.9
Day 27 Measurements: Shoulders - 47, ChestNipple - 40, WaistNavel - 35, Hips - 42.5

I use an electronic tester so some of the lost “lean” weight is definitely water loss. We’ll see how things look at the end of the transition. I have lost no strength since all my lifts continued to go up through the 4 weeks. If I have lost more than water, it may be excess skin-related since my pooch seems to be getting smaller.

I did not take starting measurements, but compared to the last time I did take measurements, Shoulders are the same, Chest is down 1, Waist is down 2, and Hips are down 1.

I made too many changes during my second V-Diet, and I did not get the results I wanted because I failed myself. While I allowed for my training plan to be different, I avoided any dietary modifications and went back to what worked in the first one. I kept no food in the apartment, and for my HSMs, I ate out instead of cooking.

I plan on eating out for the first transition week as well. The second transition week I will make breakfast and eat out for the second HSM. All HSMs are coming from Chicken Out and are Chicken Entree, Fruit Salad x 2 or Chicken Entree, Fruit Salad, Steamed Vegetables.

I’ve been doing different Chicken Entrees, but they’ve been Grilled Chicken, Milan Chicken, or Quarter Dark Meat with Skin.

I think that’s it for now.

Last night was pretty rough. I had trouble getting to sleep and was constantly hungry all day. Ah well. Today’s the last HSM day in the 28 day cycle. Afterward, Transition ahoy!

On transition workout days I’m going to do double fruit salad from Chicken Out to spike carbs. Combined with Surge post-workout I end up with about 100g extra carbs. Non-workout transition days I’ll do double vegetable medley. This should create a decent high/low carb cycle while on the transition. It also makes workout days have 480 calories more than regular days. This way on high days I’ll shoot back up above my RMR (but still below my actual maintenance) and fall back below BMR on low days.

Full body program kicked ass. It was nice to be doing one again after being on a split for 5 weeks.

I wondered if my fruit carb cycling was going to make me gain back some water weight or what not during this week. I’ll find out on Sunday, but I do know my pants are looser even though I’ve been eating more.

My workout today was 40 rep range, medium load (8-9), 45s rest, and mostly unilateral work. It rocked. I think I’m going to rock the V-Life Challenge #1 on Saturday. I hadn’t included a V-Burn because of ultimate frisbee and basketball, but frisbee isn’t looking so hot with the weather this week.

It’s 3 a.m. and I’m awake. Basketball game at 11 p.m. tonight. And lifting. This is going to be a hungry day.

I’ve split every shake up in two today to spread out feedings over the time frame involved today. It’s actually been pretty manageable hunger-wise. Being really busy helps.

Workout was in the heavy range, 25 reps, 4-5 rep load, 30s rest. It was awesome and pretty brutal.

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