Tirith's Log - Round 2

I will be starting November 2th, 2009. I ordered my supplements for the 28 days today. I will order the additional Metabolic Drive for the transition period on December 1st. My last V-Diet ended on September 23rd. November 4th is 6 weeks after then. November 2th the Monday two days before the 4th, and I do not want to wait until the 9th to start.

My back has degenerated further, unfortunately. A recent fall while bouldering mobilized a segment of my spine. In order to support this issue, I have to modify the training program. I hope I have chosen exercises equivalent for the needs of the diet while accommodating my spine.

I will be doing the program following the Beginner’s training guidelines like last time. My modifications to the program are as follows:

Main Program:
Replaced DB Squats with DB Bulgarian Split Squats

Replaced Romanian Deadlift (RDL) with DB Single Leg Deadlift (SLDL), holding the weight on the opposite side of the standing leg
Replaced Lat Pulldown-Underhand Grip with Assisted Chin-Ups

Replaced Sumo Deadlift with DB SLDL, holding weight in both hands
Replaced Lat Pulldown-Wide Grip with Assisted Wide-Grip Pull-ups

Replaced RDL with Pull-through
Replaced DB Bench with Cable Chest Press
Replaced Lat Pulldown - Neutral Grip with Assisted Neutral Grip Pull-ups

Replaced DB Reverse Lunge with Supine Hip Extension with Leg Curl (SHELC)
Replaced Modified Plank-1 Arm Reach with Side Plank

Replaced Deadlift with DB Reverse Lunge

Hip Flexor stretching
Glute and hip activation drills
Scapular retraction and stability work

Reverse Crunches

Most choices are based around switching to single leg or one arm loads in order to reduce spinal load and compression. Other choices are to help me work on correcting my anterior pelvic tilt.

SHELC was subbed in because I do not have access to a Glute-Ham Developer (GHD), and I had run out of Single Leg Deadlift variations. I replaced the Modified Plank because I twist too much while trying to do it.

NEPA: Total Body Solution Drills, Foam Rolling

As a precursor to the start, I’m using this week to find all my appropriate loads for the exercises.

DB Bulgarian Split 8,7,5,5,5,5,5 @ 25lbs x 2
DB Bench - Neutral 9,7,8,8,7 @ 50lbs x 2
DB Bent-Over Row - Neutral 10,10,10,10 @ 50lbs x 2
Plank Hold 50s, 40s

Bulgarian will stay at 25s
DB Bench will go up to 55
DB Row will go up to 55

Congrats on round 2! I too am starting round 2 today! Good luck and much success!


Awesome stuff Tirith, can’t wait to see some determination/insanity ensue here! It’s time to crush some demons.

Load Finding:
DB SLDL Cross Body Load 14 @ 30lbs x 1, 10 @ 40lbs x 1, 10 @ 45lbs x 1, 4,5,4,3 @ 50lbs x 1
Assisted Chin-Up - Neutral 11,6 @ -95lbs, 6,5,4,5,4,4,5 @ -110lbs
Standing Shoulder Press - Neutral 13,7,6,6,5,6,5,2 @ 35lbs x 2
Side Plank Hold 45s, 35s

DB SLDL will be 45
Chin-Up will be -110
Shoulder Press will be 35

Thanks for stopping by my thread. The weight training I am sure would have made a difference in VDiet round 1, however, I was more than plesed with the weight loss aspect. I just did not get the strength gains that I would have gotten had I been in the gym. Not going to miss a workout this time! Good luck and continued success!!


Load Finding:
DB SLDL Dual Load 8,8,6,8,7,5,6,7 @ 40lbs x 2
Incline DB Bench 10 @ 40lbs x 2, 7,6,7,5,5 @ 45lbs x 2
Assisted Wide Grip Pull-up 8,4,4,4,4,3,4,3,3,3 @ -110 lbs
Plank Hold 60s, 30s

This workout and the last one taught me a few things. Pull-ups, even assisted, are a lot harder than pulldowns. The angles on the arms and chest also seem better on pull-ups. I know that wide-grip pulldowns did not seem to tear my lats up like the pull-ups did today. Prior to this week I had not done either of the DB SLDL variations I am employing. I either used it as an unweighted bodyweight drill, or I carried the load in the hand of the standing leg. All three variations have differences and I believe the two I chose for this should serve their purposes.

DB SLDL will be 45lbs x 2
Incline DB Bench will be 45lbs x 2
Pull-ups will be -110lbs

My glute bridges in the warm-up and reverse crunches in the cooldown have also gotten a lot better in just this week. I can definitely tell the difference in glute and hamstring activation just from stretching the quads and hip flexors in the warm-up.

My first day is tomorrow. The structure is as follows:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday - The weight training workouts from the Beginner program with the modifications necessary for my spine.
Sunday - Weigh, Measure, HSM, and Beginner’s V-Burn Challenge
Everyday - An hour of stretching and foam rolling

Measurements (inches and pounds):
As a special bonus my results from the last V-Diet ending on September 23 are posted in parentheses if they differ from the current value.
Height: 69
Weight: 228 (237.4)
Neck: 16.5
Shoulders: 47.5 (47)
ChestUpper: 44
ChestLower: 42 (42.5)
WaistNavel: 38 (39.5)
WaistLargest: 39 (41)
HipsLargest: 44.5 (46)
UpperArmL: 13.5 (15)
UpperArmR: 13 (14)
UpperLegL: 26 (28.5)
UpperLegR: 26 (28)
LowerLegL: 17.5
LowerLegR: 17.5 (18)
AnkleL: 10.5
AnkleR: 10.5

Great job on the continued loss of lbs and inches! Good luck on the start of round 2… you knnow we are here for ya! Continued success


I did a preliminary V-Burn Challenge today. I am following the beginner program. I made no changes to the V-Burn.

Circuit1 - 4:25
Circuit2 - 10:30
Circuit3 - 19:12
Circuit4 - 29:02
Circuit5 - 38:00

The time is a lot slower for a few reasons. I did not push myself to race the clock. I worked on a lot better form this time around. This means I spent time setting my feet on exercises like the squat and single leg dead lift. I am also doing push-ups and making sure I tuck my elbows and retract the scapula on the way down and protract them at the top of the movement. I also reset my feet during the Pike Push-ups to ensure I feel a stretch in my calves and keep my pelvis higher than my shoulders.

My glutes and hamstrings are definitely rocking things harder this time around since I’m able to get deeper on the squats and it seems more “natural” to stay on my heels during the deadlifts and reverse lunges.

Man you are going to kick ass this round. I am really looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.

Kill it!

Meals: 7:00, 10:30, 1:30, (6:00), (8:00)
Post-Workout: 4:30

DB Bulgarian Split Squat 9,7,6,6,6,4,2 @ 25x2
DB Bench Neutral Grip 9,8,5,7,5,6 @ 55x2
DB Bent-Over Row Neutral Grip 10,9,7,6,8 @ 55x2
Plank Hold 50s, 30s

Everything will be going up in weight next week.

NEPA: I’m about to start the Total Body Solution DVD after making my 6 o’clock shake. After that I know I will foam roll my calves and quads. We’ll see what’s left after that.

Total Body Solution seems pretty nifty. Whereas Magnificent Mobility is marketed as Dynamic Drills for the Warm-up and became regarded as corrective, TBS was designed for corrective work. I had no pain from any of the drills, and I broke a sweat while doing some. My lower traps are sore as hell now too from all the shoulder work.

Meals: 6:00, 9:30, 12:30, 4:00, (7:00)

NEPA: Total Body Solution drills. Also, I always park in far parking spots, take the stairs up and down whenever I change floors, walk on escalators if I can’t find stairs, stand and move around and stretch constantly, and have been known to fidget.

Meals: 6:00, 9:00, 12:00, 3:30, (7:00)
Post-Workout: 5:00

DB SLDL Cross-body load 15,11,10,8,6 @ 50x1
Unilateral SSP 15,10,8,8,7,2 @ 35x1
Assisted Chin-up Neutral 12,5,5,5,5,4,4,4,3,3 @ -110
Side Plank Hold 40s, 15s

I forgot to do the Side planks until after the Birddogs and Reverse Crunches. The second set per side was laughable. Ah well. Reverse Crunches I do 1x10 using a 50lb counterweight to hold onto. I’m working on reducing the weight since I was using a 60lb counterweight last week. Birddogs I do a continuous cycle of 3x5s hold per side (L,L,L,R,R,R,L,L,L,R,R,R) and want to work up to repeating the cycle an additional time per week.

I get to go to my first ART session tomorrow. This should be exciting. I hope it helps with my anterior tilt.

NEPA: Going to do Total Body Solution after my final shake and relax and go to bed.

Meals: 5:00, 8:00, 11:00, 3:00, 7:00

NEPA: Total Body Solution, walking around

ART was interesting. I have another session on Monday. She focused mostly around the right lumbar spine and the right glute and outer hip musculature with some work on the left hip flexor as well. The scar tissue and adhesion there help explain why my right leg was always weaker. Overall, my glute bridges performed during TBS were more stable, and I’ve been doing some drills and stretches that have definitely improved after the session. I could also be crazy but I swear my anterior tilt improved as well from unlocking my right lumbar spine some.

Sounds like you ar knocking it out of the park again. Way to stick with it! Continued success…


Meals: 7:00, 10:00, 1:00, 4:00, 7:20
Post-Workout: 5:30

DB SLDL 8,8,6,5,7,6 @ 50x2
DB Incline Bench Neutral 10,10,7,7,6 @ 40x2
Assisted WG Pull-up 8,5,5,4,4,4,4,4,2 @ -110
Plank Hold 60s,30s

My right hip works a lot better today. During my warm-up I do glute bridges where I use both legs to bridge up, then push one leg straight out, and come down. I repeat and alternate with the other leg going out. I was doing this to progress up to full-blown single leg glute bridges. The improvement in my right side bridge was so amazing that I actually exclaimed “HOLY SHIT!” right after lifting my left leg off the ground. Saying this fairly loudly with my hips thrust high into the air was pretty awkward.

DB SLDLs were amazing today as well. My right leg was a lot more stable than it used to be. My left is still better, but it really is drastic how much it improved. I am now a firm believer in ART and cannot wait to see what is possible after I go through enough treatments to fully unlock my hips and calves.

I am going to replace DB incline with Feet-Elevated Push-Ups. I am doing this because after doing SLDL using 50s in both hands, I can barely close my fingers around the weights to kick them up to my shoulders to start the bench. Also, sitting with that much load seems to bother my back and I would rather avoid things that cause that feeling.

I was also considering finding a spot for Pullthroughs during the transition workout instead of using DB SLDL again. We’ll see.

Meals: 7:30, 10:30, 1:30, (4:30), (7:30)

NEPA: I walked to the grocer’s and back to buy my supplies for tomorrow’s HSM. I also intend to do TBS later today. There is no NEPA quota or maximum, just keep moving more you do normally and it will help leech calories away.

The HSM idea: Broccoli Beef Stir Fry with Mashed Cauliflower for a side and chilled Cantaloupe for dessert. I will either add mixed nuts or olive oil to the cauliflower in order to add some healthy fats into the dish, but I do not know which yet.

Today has been great. I just finished Total Body Solution and noticed improvement in a lot of the activities. I cut up the cantaloupe and have it chilling in a Pyrex bowl. I also started marinating my top round in peanut oil, diced garlic, salt, and soy sauce.

I cooked the mashed cauliflower today and it has definitely come a long way since my first attempt making it during my first V-Diet’s transition. I also chopped up the onion, carrots, and broccoli for the stir fry tomorrow.

For the fat source I ended up just using butter in the Mashed Cauliflower. Organic free range cow butter so it’s all good in terms of fatty acid profile.

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