Tips for Indigo, Carbs?

Hey Chris -

Any ETA on when Indigo will be back? Also, any recommendations for someone just starting to use it (1.5 months)? Do you recommend cutting carbs significantly until I can get more (i.e. I’m out now)?


  1. Customer service question.

  2. Train hard, eat right. Or did you have some other, specific recommendations in mind we haven’t written about yet?

  3. If your main goal is fat loss, reducing carbs is usually a good step. Or just replace the crap with better carb choices. Article:

Sorry Chris - my question was too vague.

I have been taking Indigo for 1.5 months and it has been very helpful. I would assume it is a product that should be used continuously for maximum benefits. I will not be able to take it until Biotest has it back in stock. If you were personally out of Indigo (assuming you take it - if not sorry), would you reduce your carbs significantly?

Or just maintain current marcos and wait it out. I am taking plazma pre and intra workout - this is a lot of carbs (i know a carb is not a carb), but should would you recommend reducing plazma intake if I don’t handle carbs very well?

If my question is retarded, just ignore it. no hard feelings.

  1. Most people notice that after a period of time (it can vary depending on your condition coming in), that they no longer need Indigo-3G or just need ti occasionally, like a booster shot.

Or they, like me, do make take it daily (4-6 capsules) because of all the other health and longevity benefits.

That said, after 1.5 months of usage I wouldn’t sweat being out for a while. You may find that you can keep carb intake pretty high without worry. Now, me personally, I cut back a little on the “fun” food that Indigo-3G allows me to get away with (nothing too bad, but like wheat-free pizza and serve-yourself froyo), but I’d keep the rice, oatmeal, potato intake where it is now, which is pretty high. I was being a bit of an ass before, sorry, but it does come down to training hard and earning the good quality carbs. A hard lifter like yourself doesn’t need a super low-carb diet, even without Indigo.

  1. Definitely no need to reduce Plazma intake. Even without Indigo, it’s practically impossible to gain from from those types of carbs used around workouts. So, no worries there.

Chris is right about not having to worry too much if you go off of Indigo for a while. I hit my last dose about 2 months ago and I can still eat pretty much all the carbs I want. Training explosively and making sure the rest of your diet is on par definitely helps, but don’t sweat if you can’t keep the bottles coming.

  • Colby

Thanks for the response Chris. No worries about being an ass - train hard and eat right is always the best answer to a poorly asked question (and to be honest, always worth reminding people).

Thanks again for taking time to fill in some of my product questions. Good to know Indigo has some long term impacts.

Have a great weekend.

Thanks for sharing Colby

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