Tim's V-Diet Log

Today is day one…

I will not be using a thermogenic - at least not to begin with. And I am doing Dan John’s 10K Swing Challenge instead of the prescribed workout although I will still be doing (at least) an hour of walking a day.

I am also listing my body fat weekly as measured by a (fairly accurate) GSR scale.

Background: I’m a 47 year old network engineer. Five years ago, I met my fiancé. She got into CrossFit and became a coach so I started doing it and got into Oly lifting and obstacle course racing. Battled some injuries due to overtraining and was sidelined for a year, then got depressed and allowed myself to go physically and took another year off. Now I’ve been in the gym nearly nonstop since January and I’m ready for a “bus bench” experience.

We are heading to the beach Memorial Day weekend so that gives me just at 28 days to finish this diet and the 10K Swing Challenge.


Height: 70"
Weight: 195
Neck: 15.5
Shoulders: 21.5
Chest Upper: 44
Chest Lower: 42.5
Waist Navel: 38
Waist Largest: 38
Hips Largest: 41.5
Upper Arm L: 14
Upper Arm R: 14
Upper Leg L: 22.5
Upper Leg R: 22.5
Lower Leg L: 16.5
Lower Leg R: 16.5
Ankle L: 9
Ankle R: 9
Body fat: 15.5%

Okay so - 500 KB swings? No problem. Until it was…

I managed to do the first two rounds with the 24kg bell. Then my body said - “Yeah, I’m done with that.”

So I switched to a 16kg bell to finish up the other three rounds.

Took 55 minutes to do the workout and I still haven’t recovered completely.
This is exactly what I needed…

Day One Report:

Nothing unusual.

It’s funny - I figured I would be a lot hungrier on this plan but I noticed right away that when I feel that first growl in my stomach, and look at my phone, it’s time for a shake.

At “dinner” last night I mixed the Superfood with a few ounces of water instead of dumping it in the shake - Fruit juice…

And the peanut butter was a nice bed time treat.

Today is an off-day workout-wise so I get to do my walking during lunch.

Body is sore from the swings yesterday - mainly fingers and forearms though. Gonna be able to crack almonds with my hands next month, lol.

It is the morning of day three.

The past two mornings, I’ve woken up at around 2:30 AM and couldn’t get back to sleep for an hour. The first time it happened, I was extremely hungry. Staved it off and went back to sleep an hour later. Last night/this morning, I woke up again around 2:30 AM, but wasn’t hungry at all - instead, my heart was racing. Not sure if I had a nightmare or what, but again it took me an hour to get back to sleep.

Found another way to make the Superfood a bit more tasty - and a bit more “treat like” - Mix the two scoops with a small amount of water - enough to make it a paste - and add half a packet of “Monk Fruit in the Raw” zero calorie sweetener. The mixture tastes like jelly. And if you wait until bedtime to have the second serving, you can mix it with the nut butter - tastes like pb&j.

I definitely get hungry on this plan, but it may be caused by the intensity of my workouts and the volume of the NEPA. The 10K swing program is brutal - and because of scheduling issues, I’m doing 3 on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off, to get my five days in. And on day 2 (swing rest day) I walked 5 miles on undulating hills at a 4 mph pace. This is typical of what my weeks and off-days will be like all month.

I haven’t weighed in at all - it’s taken more mental strength to stay away from the scales than I thought it would as I’m one of those guys who weighs every time he walks by one. So right now, I’m in the dark, but I’m interested to see what they say on Sunday.

Day 7 came and went. I had my first solid meal - some grilled chicken, salad with vinaigrette, a very small spoonful of pasta with cheese, lots of mixed veggies but mostly carrots, and a small piece of crusty bread with some butter. I had only three shakes - two before the meal and one after, and I still ate my peanut butter.

Finished 2500 kettlebell swings on Sunday - only have 7500 left. Picked up a nasty blister on my right pinky, but I am making judicious use of tape and chalk and haven’t let it stop me.

Here are the numbers:

Total weight lost: 5 pounds exactly. And I went from 15.5% body fat to 14.0% which means roughly 1.4 lbs of lost weight was lean mass. I’ll take that and hope it gets a little better with time. I lost an inch in my waist and a half-inch on each arm, but I gained a half-inch on my neck and .75 inches on each leg - Overall, I gained .25 inches.

Height: 70"
Weight: 190
Neck: 16
Shoulders: 22
Chest Upper: 43.5
Chest Lower: 41.25
Waist Navel: 37
Waist Largest: 37
Hips Largest: 41.5
Upper Arm L: 13.5
Upper Arm R: 13.5
Upper Leg L: 23.25
Upper Leg R: 23.25
Lower Leg L: 16.5
Lower Leg R: 16.5
Ankle L: 9
Ankle R: 9
Body fat: 14%

I realize I haven’t been updating this every day, but there really isn’t anything to say every day. To paraphrase Trent Reznor, “Every day is pretty much exactly the same.”

That may sound boring, but really - it is. You drink a shake, you wait, you get hungry, you drink another, you work out, you drink a shake, you wait, you get hungry, you drink a shake, you walk (I admit I haven’t done enough of this), you drink a shake, you eat some peanut butter, and you go to bed. It is the epitome of a Dan John “bus bench” program.

Everyone asks me if it’s hard. “Is it hard?” Yes. But nothing that’s worth anything is easy. If you want something, you have to work for it and work is hard. I understand that and I get it - and I’m on the schedule. I’ve “embraced the suck” and I’m just waiting for the bus.

And I have found that I enjoy smelling food - I can smell it everywhere. And I am already thinking about how I’m going to eat once I’m off this ride. I may go on a strict 2x shake, 2x meat and veggie meal plan with one or two “carb” meals a week. I can do that - hell, if I can do this, I can do anything.

agree with your last comment…if you can do this you can do anything. I see we started on the same day. Good luck with the rest of the diet/workout plan.

Hey gnoymer - thanks for the vote of support!

Good luck to you as well :slight_smile:

Goodbye day 14!

Took my fiancé (who is also on the diet) out for Mother’s Day meal at a very nice organic restaurant. We split the Shrimp Sambal and an order of iron-skillet cornbread, we each had a butter-lettuce salad with jalapeno buttermilk dressing; and for our entrees, she had the salmon and Brussels sprouts with field pea and Tasso succotash while I had the hanger steak with parmesan fries.

Both of us only had two shakes.

I’d like to say that the diet gets easier as you get further into it. I’d like to say that, but I’d be lying. It doesn’t really get any easier. Things “change” from day to day, but some days are easy while others are extremely hard.

I didn’t lose much overall weight this week - only a few pounds. But I did lose a few inches - mostly from my legs which is good because I had quite a bit of fat there.

My fiancé is under 150 lbs. for the first time in years. Plus, she’s shedding inches like nobody’s business. It is readily visible on her while for me, not so much yet.

The next two weeks I’m going to redouble my efforts. I am making a commitment to walk every single day at least 45 minutes.

The numbers:

Height: 70"
Weight: 186.4
Neck: 16
Shoulders: 23
Chest Upper: 42.5
Chest Lower: 42.75
Waist Navel: 36.5
Waist Largest: 36.5
Hips Largest: 41
Upper Arm L: 13.5
Upper Arm R: 13.5
Upper Leg L: 21.5
Upper Leg R: 21.5
Lower Leg L: 16.25
Lower Leg R: 16.25
Ankle L: 9
Ankle R: 9
Body fat: 13%

For a grand total of -4" off of last week’s numbers.

Not too shabby. But I’m going to have to work to get to 10% by the 28th day.

I know it’s Tuesday and I know I’m late, but better late than never. Said goodbye to day 21…

No, I didn’t quit, no I didn’t cheat.

Still going strong as a matter of fact - diet and workout-wise.

I’m over 7000 swings on the 10K swing challenge and my times have decrease by more than 15 minutes on each workout. Plus, I am walking or doing 10 rounds on the heavy bag nearly every day.

Here are Sunday’s numbers:

Height: 70"
Weight: 181.5
Neck: 15.5
Shoulders: 24
Chest Upper: 40
Chest Lower: 39
Waist Navel: 35
Waist Largest: 36
Hips Largest: 40.5
Upper Arm L: 13.5
Upper Arm R: 13.5
Upper Leg L: 23
Upper Leg R: 23
Lower Leg L: 15.5
Lower Leg R: 15.5
Ankle L: 9
Ankle R: 9
Body fat: 12%

So since starting I have:

Lost 13.5 lbs of weight and decreased my fat percentage by 3.5.

In inches, I have:

Gained 2.5 on my shoulders
Lost 7 (total) on my chest
Lost more than 4 off my waist
Lost 1.5 off my hips
Lost 1 on my arms
Lost 1 on my upper legs
Lost 1 on my lower legs

I can see my abs very well, I’m leaner, faster, and stronger. My standing broad jump has increased by more than a foot in fact.

I’m very pleased with both the diet and the challenge.

Final numbers next Monday.

Yes, I finished. It works - no doubt about it. I went a little wild Memorial Day weekend and put on a few pounds after taking these measurements.

But the diet works.

I’m currently training for an Olympic lifting meet on the 2nd of August so I’ve transitioned into a 3 shakes/1 Meal plan but the meal is stout - at least a pound of meat and a large fistful of green beans. I’m also using an aftermarket RTD shake because it’s easier.

My weight has stabilized around 180 and body fat is dropping while the weight is staying the same. This means I’m adding muscle - which is something I’ve had trouble with due to (what I thought) was my age. Dan John may have been onto something though with his idea that putting your body through something like the V-Diet makes it “want” to build muscle when it’s over.


Final Numbers:

Height: 70"
Weight: 175.6
Neck: 15.5
Shoulders: 25
Chest Upper: 40
Chest Lower: 39
Waist Navel: 33
Waist Largest: 33
Hips Largest: 40
Upper Arm L: 13.5
Upper Arm R: 13.5
Upper Leg L: 23.5
Upper Leg R: 23.5
Lower Leg L: 15.5
Lower Leg R: 15.5
Ankle L: 9
Ankle R: 9
Body fat: 11.3%

In the end:

I lost 19.4 lbs of weight and decreased my fat percentage by 4.2%.

In inches, I have:

Gained 3.5 on my shoulders
Lost 7 (total) on my chest
Lost 5 off my waist
Lost 2 off my hips
Lost 1 on my arms
Gained 1 on my upper legs
Lost 1 on my lower legs

And my standing broad jump increased 13 inches - this is mostly thanks to the 10K swings.

Good luck to anyone doing this.

Just keep moving forward - and if you think about quitting, remember why you started.

And telling everyone around you that you’re doing it and will eat a can of dog food if you fail really helps as well.

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